Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A New Dawn Coming

 Better late than never...Did get side tracked as the Bride and I went to Kansas City last month do to FIL breaking his hip/femur. He's 96 years old, so it's not a "walk in the park" for him. He's currently in Rehab and not out of the woods, but his attitude is positive.  One day at a time!!

Monument Valley with Casita

While we were up there did a side trip to Springfield Mo. to see one of the Twins and while there ordered my Alu-Cab Canopy camper. The down side is there is now a 3+ month wait. Oh well,  that will give me more time to buy overlanding/dispersed camping toys  before the unit gets here.

Selling the Casita was quite an event. It happened in less than 24 hours...I posted it on the Fiberglass and Casita Forums at 7:30 pm and by 10 pm I had 7 potential buys. In fact one person said why don't you have all of us put in bids. That I wouldn't do. Didn't want this turning into a bidding war. I told them all if the first person bowed out I would go the the second person ....But a nice young couple from Colorado bought it. In Fact his parents that live on the Coast drove the 3 hours to come up the next morning(Saturday) and look at it and put down earnest money to hold it until Monday and they were up here early Monday with a wheelbarrow full of cash.😊 

Early dawn with the Armadillo 

Its been almost 2 months since I sold the Albino Armadillo and I do miss her ....there's been days were I think I've  made a huge mistake. and feel like I've won the title of Village Idiot.😀 I'm sure once I get the new platform, start building it out and take that first trip all will be "right with the World" again! 

 I've already got 3 pages of "stuff" I want to buy and drew up a wiring diagram on how to set up my 12 volt electric system etc. I plan on powering the system with a two hundred amp hour lithium battery, two hundred watts of solar, will not tie in to my truck battery/alternator.  Use my generator as back up power.  Will have a charger of some sort, couple 3/4 options on various types of chargers. I have narrowed  the build out using either 8020 aluminum extraction or PVC form board. The form board appears to bond very well and is extremely strong, water-resistant and light weight. 

New adventure platform  Alu-Cab canopy camper shell

In closing I want to acknowledge  Eggrolling that details the adventures of Jerry, Wanda and Sally. They have decided to stand down their Blog.  I will miss reading about the latest awesome Journey they are on. More important, a close Bond  formed between us, even though we have never met. Hopefully one of these days we will share a campfire at some dispersed campsite in the middle of no where. All the best to you Jerry...and of course Wanda and Sally!

I suppose I'll stop rambling and do some needed work around the house. Hope everyone is doing alright, are safe and have had an opportunity to venture outdoors to camp and explore at some favorite/secret spot of yours! I'll post again when I have some new and interesting stuff. Happy Trails...Horst sends


  1. Really looking forward to seeing all your new adventures. Thanks for the nice farewell. Still looking forward to sharing a flat iron steak and a couple of Moose Drools around a fire someday.

    1. I'm enjoying reading your adventure up the East Coast...Magnificent trip!! I should be hearing about the new Rig anytime now. My first trip or two will probably be in the Ozark Nat'l Forest area. Take care Buddy. Horst