Friday, March 26, 2021

Great Last Casita trip...The Armadillo is for sale

 It's been a couple months and there has been "stuff " going on in our small corner of the World. The storm of 2021 was a major event to say the least. We faired pretty well compared to other folks. We did have rolling outages for a week or so, no water for about two weeks and temperatures that dropped into the 20's.......But at the end of the day we made it without any "scars" It did postpone numerous things I had planned...Kicked that can down the road a bit. We did get our second Covid Vaccine  the day before the storm and outages hit. ...Felt very lucky as it was iffy if we would be able to get vaccinated that day due to the cold temps. and the folks having to administer that outside(Drive thru setup).

(c)2021HorstKellyPhotographer..view back window

Though my "Last Casita " trip got postponed I was able to pull out of the driveway on 3 March and head NorthEast to Sandy Creek CoE. What a great time it was. I camped on the other side of the CG, right on the 

lake...Mostly empty during the week and a few folks on the weekend. I enjoyed myself to the Max. Did some touring of the area. Went to Boykin Springs Rec Area...some dispersed camping, small lake, etc.Also went to Sam Rayburn Lake, Sabine Nat'l Forest and drove into Louisiana . All in all it was a great two was windy, a few evenings it was chilly...but all in all was very relaxing.. a lot of outdoor cooking, reading, touring and a few photo's. 

(c)2021 Horst Kelly Photographer

When I returned I started on the cleaning, waxing of the camper. That's now just about done. other stuff had a higher precedent such has cutting  dead trees, cleaning up all the dead vegetation due to the freeze, etc. 


I am putting ads on the Fiberglass and Casita Forums, also the local Facebook Forum. Hopefully that will bring a buyer. We'll see. Here is a link to the Fiberglass Forum in case you know of anyone interested in  a Casita.

2009 Casita SD for sale

When I sell the Casita I will order the Alu-Cab Canopy camper....and a New Adventure begins! Until next time...Happy Trails and safe Journey's...Horst sends

(c)2021HorstKellyPhotographer..1st Bluebonnet photo of 2021..


  1. I know the Casita is now history, leaving behind many great memories. Trips with photography as the goal, trips with the grandkids, trips just to enjoy life with a flat iron steak and a Moose Drool. And they're all documented right here.
    Looking forward to seeing the new ride, traveling along as you visit more places, and share many more wonderful memories with us.

    1. Thanks you for that great reflective comment. That's kinda what I've been doing since the sale. Looking back, reading old posts remembering some of my favorite experiences with the Casita. It sold in less than 24 hrs. wasn't prepared for that...and I had 7 people waiting in the wings incase the deal fell through...time will tell if I made a one of those "what the hell were you thinking Horst" dumb decisions.:))
      Hope all is well with you Guys...and that you are able to go on one of those AWESOME adventures you two always put together! Take care and maybe one of these days our trails will cross!! Horst sends