Monday, January 25, 2021

My 2021 Agenda.....A change in Direction

Hoping that everyone had a relaxing Christmas and may 2021 bring each of you Good Health and Happiness...oh, and many terrific adventures!!
 We had a very quiet, and reflective Christmas. Though we didn't have family here...we connected with all the kids and Gkids Christmas day...a lot of laughs and many walks down "memory lane" of past Christmas mornings.
(c)2011 Horst Kelly Photographer....Colorado

Between Christmas and New Year Day I had time to reflect on 12 years of camping with the Casita and the many adventures I had. Especially the annual 2 to 3 month long trips to the North and Southwest....of course my 2013 trip with the two Grandsons was the icing of adventures. I also had a terrific trip "BC", (Before Casita) with my Gson from Utah, Arizona and Colorado tent camping.
2009 Picking up Casita 

 The years with the Albino Armadillo have been awesome, not only for the adventures, but more importantly for all the Friends I've made...most that I have never physically met...that have become "best friends". Since 2017 I have not been on any extended Western trips, mainly do to my Brides health issues...and of course the Pandemic. This led me to do some soul searching on what the future holds. First I still want to continue camping, hiking, photography and a bit of solitude. I also want to take at least one trip each year out West though condense it to one or two specific locations for a no more than 3 weeks.  Do more trips in the 7 to 10 day range. (The Bride smiled at that plan)...As they say a Happy Wife is a Happy Life.:))
(c)2014 Horst Kelly photographer..camping in the Tetons

Given This new format for my trips I decided to look at the Casita and asked myself if there is another platform that might serve me better. That took a while..I love the Casita and the comfort it provides,  also the places it lets me take "Her" However at the end of the day I decided on another platform, a sort of hybrid truck camper. I felt if I was going to have to sell the Casita at some point, why not do it now while its still in good condition and not too dated. 
(c)2020 Horst Kelly Photographer...Enjoying Canyonlands

Given that I enjoy dispersed camping, I looked into what the "Overland" Youngsters  where using as their camping platform. A large variety to say the least. I finally settled on a Alu-Cab canopy camper.  I haven't ordered it yet as I told Janet I would sell the Casita first. :))...Plus I want to take one last trip  with the Armadillo ..a sort of  farewell voyage. :))

The plan is that I take my last Casita trip no later than middle of Feb. and put the Casita up for sale the end of Feb or first part of March....Though "Plans" are like we'll see.
(c)2019Horst Kelly Photographer...Big Cedar, Mo.

 I will do my next post on the Alu-Cab and why I chose it. Below are a couple videos that give you an idea of what the camper is and isn't....and yes I have friends/family that say I have gone off the deep end in even thinking about getting this platform...especially given my age(78) and assorted aliments. :))

Start watching this second one at 1.38 into the video, unless you want to learn about his truck mods.


 I am excited about this new direction and how it will change the style/type of trips I take....Until next time, safe Journey and well wishes....Horst sends

...and a new Day begins:

(2014)Horst Kelly Photographer...Monument Valley (Mittens) sunrise


  1. Hey, at our age we do what we want to do. Congratulations on your new choice of rv. Looking forward to reading all about it. No better time to sell a Casita than now. You should receive more than you paid based on the ads I'm now seeing on the forums. Take care, and enjoy your final journey in the Albino Armadillo....jc

    1. Sorry to hear about your Brother in Law! You're right about us aging seniors having earned certain "privileges", to include being crazy at times:)). We'll see how all this plays out. It will be interesting to see what the Casita sells for. Take care of yourself and may 2021 take you and Wanda on many great adventures...hope to see you down the trail one of these days my Friend. Horst sends