Monday, October 4, 2021

Update.....From the Missouri Side of Oz

 It's been three months since my last post, but feels like yesterday! A busy time. We are in our new home in Ozark, Missouri area. The movement of house hold goods went very major damage and very little scrapes and scratches...and all items accounted for. The moving company is one of the best I have ever had ...and I moved 16 times or so  during my career to include five over of the ocean moves....these folks out performed those moves!  We're just finished unpacking our last box....I'm guessing we should have had some more garage sales BEFORE we moved😏 a lot of stuff going to various organizations and churches. 

25 minutes from our home

Our Texas home is pending a sale. The folks that are buying it(hopefully) had a hiccup with their house  sale and  asked if they could rent while continuing their own sale process, they wanted to get their teenager in school before classes started. So we still have some lose ends...I've already taken a trip back to Texas.

In the middle of the move I got my Alu-Cab Canopy Camper. I'm very happy with it...I'm still taking it back to folks to have some stuff "tweaked" and  other stuff added. I have not done any building it out on the inside. I'm still am trying to decide what will fit my needs and what I need/want to carry with me on trips. I have decided on my electrical set up. Based on the type/length of my trips I went the simple route. I am going to get a 200 watt solar panel, fuse panel for wiring and a  Bluetti EB240 Portable Power Station 240WH solar generator. Based on what I calculated my electrical needs will be, I think this will unit will meet, even exceed my requirements. Its a all in one unit, lithium battery, mppt solar controller, sinewave inverter, etc..and the cost is less than if I bought individual components.

I've camped in it a total of 4 nights on my trip back from San Antonio, and it worked well. No major issues and I got  an idea of things I'll need and don't need that I had in the Casita. Hope to start building it in the next month or so, but if not I can still go camping off grid by some lake or mountain stream....and put a smile on my face.

Hope those folks that are still stopping by and reading the blog are doing well  have stayed healthy, and are able go out on some adventures. Until next time...Horst sends 

PS..Alan Jackson song I identify with.... 

(c) Horst wake-up call one morning in Colorado
(c) Horst wake-up call one morning in 2014, Colorado


  1. Good to read that the move went well. Not many things go as planned, nowadays. That is one cool looking rig. I can just picture it tucked into someplace near the Maroon Bells, or maybe the Alabama Hills.
    We're heading for the Appalachian foothills of North and South Carolina come Wednesday. Our first trip without our four legged traveling companion. 12 years, and she never missed a trip.
    Good luck with the home sale. I'm looking forward to seeing some road-trip photos from you soon.....jc

    1. So sorry to hear about losing Sally....Just finished reading your post...Great tribute. She will be missed by many folks!
      Enjoy the Appalachians, should be very a great trip, crisp weather and hopefully some awesome colors...Enjoy, wish I could join you....still trying to get settled in here and making trips to Texas to close out stuff there...Safe travels my Friend..Horst sends