Saturday, July 4, 2020

America....Independence Day

A short note to say we are still kicking.....trying to be productive...mentally and physically....We'll see how July and August play out...Hopefully a trip is in the making.....soon!

South Texas Sunset
....Have a Relaxing  Independence Day. Horst sends

A video that speaks to my feelings :


  1. Happy 4th of July, my friend. Loved the video. Speaks of what we need most, today. Take care, and safe traveling.....jc

    1. .and a happy 4th to you, Wanda and family...was thinking about you guys, wondering if you went up to Lincoln County, NM or maybe to your Daughters "Shangri la". :)) We're getting 3 digit temps here....oh well. Take care and be safe...but above all try to have some fun along the way! Horst sends