Sunday, March 22, 2020

1930 first run on the banks...2019 1st ever run on toilet paper...Mmmmmm Correlation ?

I've received some emails asking if I've started on my Western trip yet so I thought I'd do a short update...
(c)2015HorstKelly Photographer...Supersitions Mtns from camper

Until a week and a half or so I was still working towards a departure to Alabama Hills and Death Valley  NLT the end of March....Ms Casita had all her work done and only needed a wash and wax....Provisions had all been bought and the final countdown was proceeding....Then the consequences of the virus stated getting ugly fact our local HEB(Texas main grocery store) now had 3 deputies posted inside. in addition to the local  hoarding of "stuff", it appears out of town people folks were raiding our local stores and it was getting difficult to manage. Rumor had it that people from as far away as Houston (about 200 miles away) were driving here to get stuff. Life was getting crazy.
(c)2014HorstKelly Photography..National Sand Dunes, Colorado

Based on the situation I decided that there was no way I was going to leave Janet by herself to deal with the craziness of what was happening. In my own mind getting in a camper and boondocking would probably be the best thing we could do, but I knew she wouldn't go for that.
(c)2014HorstKelly Photographer..somewhere in Canyonlands

So here we are,  social distancing ourselves from the permitting we try and walk each day, do stuff around the house, daily calls to friends and family and hope this all ends soon. Though I had been really looking forward to this trip for a long while, the decision to stay home was the only rational one I could have made..for both Janet and myself...and with age, health issues, etc, I don't need to be a social butterfly! The virus is a serious concern, especially for folks our age.

I also have been reading that Death Valley basically closed....and the trend is continuing with State Parks and some National Parks as well as some BLM camp sites. A good source of info in that regard is:  campedium
(2015)HorstKelly a Hidden Gem in the Tetons

That's about all folks...hope all is well with you and that life will get back to normal sooner than later....the probing question still remains...What are people doing with ALL that toilet paper! Horst sends

(c)2019HorstKelly Photographer....Texas Lake sunset


  1. As country singer, Billy Currington's song goes, "People Are Crazy." Not over beer, but toilet paper. So glad we live in a small part of the World, though there have been empty shelves at times in our grocery stores. Hand sanitizer, milk, and bread are in short supply at times.
    Sorry that you had to postpone the trip West. We have been getting reservation cancellation notices from COE parks, and have a big one in Capitol Reef for May that I'm expecting to be cancelled any day now.
    We are hunkering down between home and our daughters camp in remote Louisiana. Sure hope we can continue to travel between the two, as it breaks the monotony of being in one place.
    Wishing you and the missus a safe Springtime season....jc

    1. Love Currington quote. Things are tightening down here. San Antonio has implemented a mandatory lock down. Janet and I have been at home for almost 2 weeks, except for our daily walks and my runs to HED using curb side pick-up.

      You're lucky to have your Daughters camp. I remember you Blogging about it...sure looked peaceful and relaxing. I had thought I would try Sandy Creek(CoE), if things settled down a bit, but they are now closed.
      Good hearing from you my Friend..You, Wanda and family take care, be safe and may you be sitting by a campfire swapping tales with friends this time next year....or hopefully sooner. Horst sends

  2. So sorry you had to cancel your trio....for now. I do think you made the wise choice with all the insanity floating around. Things in the Auburn, Al area have been hectic with toilet paper, paper towels and sanitizers emptying out at all the stores. Seems like chicken and beef products are a hot or miss item in the stores now too. Glad you and Janet can at least get out for a walk and get some fresh air and move your bodies as well.
    Take care my friend and stay well.

    1. Glad you Guys are doing ok..the sores here are continually running low of stuff. as you said its hit or miss. We're doing curb side or delivery and from the time we order to time of pick-up stuff we ordered is now gone. Oh well, things could be worse.

      Be safe my Friend and may we all be sitting by a campfire with friends/family watching a sunset before summer!! Horst sends