Thursday, January 30, 2020

2019 Recap and What the New Year Holds

I'm guessing its a bit late for the annual recap of 2019, but here goes. It was a year of travel that for the most part did not involve the Albino Armadillo...Two Casita trips is all I took this year... February saw me head to West Texas and land at Big Bend meeting  a couple of "Casita Cousins"..along with two VW Camper folk...Had a awesome time, less photography and more camping, relaxing, enjoying life stuff. I followed that with a late Fall trip to East Texas...same format about relaxing, a bit of solitude and and trying out dutch oven cooking. Both trips were just what the doctor ordered....
Cedar Lodge (c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer

But that's not all the traveling I did in 2019....We kept busy driving I-35 north. Took 3 trips to Kansas City, to include one trip to help celebrate a surprise 50th Birthday party for one of our SIL's....Great party, able to meet and re meet a lot of his and daughters friends.

We took a trip  to Claremore , Oklahoma to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of what was once the West Point of the Southwest...Super time and met some classmates...what a walk down memory lane that was...The Bride was impressed with the entire event...well other than the thunder storm and tornado that touched down the first evening. :))

We also took a week trip to Big Cedar Lodge on the Missouri Arkansas the Ozark Mountains. what a magnificent place that is, nestled in the rolling hills and overlooking a lake...stayed in a log cabin that was the icing on the cake...a fun of the twins and her husband came down for a day and we went bike riding and did a little about quality time...
Big Cedar Lodge (c)2019HorstKelly Photographer

In between those adventures we keep moving with the speed of a glacier in looking for a new home closer to stuff we now seem to frequent with some regularity...hospitals, day surgeries, Doctors, dentists, labs, ct scans, ex-rays, and the list goes on ...but for now we maintain and smile and thank our Maker for our good fortune.

2020 is starting off with preparation, anticipation and countdowns...First I just bought two 6 volt golf cart batteries and will be mounting those on the back rack that use to carry my generator. my generator will be mounted on the tongue..also building a new table/desk for the rear of the Casita...I had built a table made out of birch that was too month I'm going to north Texas to Little home on the Road run by Terry and wife Lynn...they started a shop mainly for Casita's since Larry Gamble retired...They have been super receptive, friendly and helpful. Looking forward to meeting them...They're going put some shocks on, also a set of stabilizers in the front,  the fridge hinges, solar port and some other "stuff" .
Big Cedar Lodge (c)2019HorstKelly Photographer

A west coast trip is in the making....probably in early spring. My plan is to hitch up and head to Death Valley and Alabama Hills as

prime destinations...with several side trips( suggestions would be most welcome). The trip won't be the 2 or 3 month long ones I use to take...but will run in the neighborhood of 4-6 weeks. I am looking foward to this one...Its one that I have wanted to do for several years and this year all the stars and planets seemed to have lined they say Yippi-ki-ya!
Finding my pot of gold, Tetons(c)2017HorstKellyPhotographer

I think with that I'll close for now...more updates to follow...Happy Trails to All!  Horst sends


  1. Great post Horst, not all travels need to be in the Casita. It is always nice to visit family and spend some time just being. Your waterfall pics are totally awesome. I can only imagine what they are like in person. Sounds like quite a trip planned for the west coast...I know you will enjoy. Glad all the stars are lined up for that trip. Yes, we are al blessed by
    God and the beauty is acknowledging those blessings.
    Horst, as always, it is good to hear form you and maybe someday our paths can cross and we will each be blessed for meeting each other. Take care my friend...

    1. I was glad to read your Blog and see that terrific progress is being made, especially being able to move back in the Oliver. Yup the trip to Big Cedar and the scenery was magnificent...I know we will be going back there. I truly am looking forward to this long awaited adventure coming up. It would be great to share a campfire or swap tales over lunch one of these days...
      Take care and keep that recovery mode active...and "Happy Tails" to both of you, as you said in your blog post, its the people that make this such a great adventure! Horst sends

  2. It is good to hear from you again. Great report 0n 2019. As Gerri said, not all journeys have to be Casita adventures. Hope all your 2020 plans come to fruition. I'm so looking forward to your pictures of the Alabama Hills and Death Valley, as well as the trip out and back. Our plans are for Southern Utah the month of May. So hoping they come true. Safe travels, my friend.....jc

    1. I'm using your trip to the Alabama Hills area as a "guide book" as you where to go and camp. I am reading your post almost on a daily basis. Sure wish we could have done a meet up around there....But it will happen one of these days.
      Glad to hear you and Wanda are planning on a trip in May...I'm guessing medical issues are improving??...sure hope so.
      Take care, keep in touch and hitch-up as soon as possible Buddy!! Horst sends