Friday, November 29, 2019

Early Christmas Gift......Taking Ms. Casita for a Stroll

Though its been a couple months, its not been idle time.  The Bride and I went to Kansas City and afterwards went  Southeast to Big Cedar Lodge in the Ozarks...on the Missouri/Arkansas border...Both were magnificent adventures.
(c)2019Horst Kelly photographer

We stayed in KC for a little over a week.....spent time with Brides family...FIL is 95 this month and still as strong as ever...Stayed at one of the daughters to try and help them move as they were in the final stages of closing on their home and moving out on 6 beautiful acres....It was a great visit...though we both caught a....I need a "hot toddy" or 3, cold!

We then drove the 4 or so hours to Big Cedar Lodge. I huge resort complex on a lake...nestled in the Ozark Mountains.  Its owned by the founder of Bass Pro Shops(Johnny Morris), and he's done a terrific job in maintaining the beauty of the area.....its NOT a Disney World type of environment. There is alot of trails, boating, golf, can even take a golf cart on a self guided tour down Top of the Rock, which includes a small cavern..Dogwood Canyon is about half hour drive...hiking, biking or tram.  Both areas are loaded with waterfalls.
(c)2019HorstKelly Photographer

We stayed a week and despite our colds we had a great time. Stayed in a log cabin with a loft..had a balcony, overlooking the forest/lake....a super relaxing time. Will definitely go there need to make reservations several months out. Here is the link to my website with the Lodge area photo's"

I've had the Casita in the shop of a Friend of a friend for almost two months...mainly to replace the fridge..though though it only needed the cooling unit...the price difference wasn't that much..took a month to resolve that issue and get another one. ...But all is well now. Still want to get the "Casita shocks" put on...will do that after the New Year.

 Needless to say I have a BAD case of hitch-itch....Spent the last 3 days getting the Armadillo road ready. I am going on a week long trip to East Texas to one of the lakes...The weather is suppose to be good for this time of year....Yippie-ki-ya!!!!
Cabin towards loft

Cabin living room

old structure-pre Lodge days

Well folks, that's it in a nutshell...time to get back to packing, cleaning and buying stuff for the adventure....Plus I got some cast iron to try my hand at dutch oven they say you're never to old to try something new!
(c)2019HorstKelly photographer

So until next time...enjoy the Christmas Season, Thanks for stopping by....let Santa know what you really want!  Horst sends


  1. That's awesome news. Getting the Casita out, I mean. Your Ozark adventures sounded like a dream vacation. Wishing you a great time in the woods of E Texas. A lot different from the hill country. Wish I could meet you there, but still fighting pinched nerve in back. Looking forward to your photos....jc

    1. Thanks Jerry...I'm looking forward to it..Only for a week, but it will give me a chance to see how the "stuff" I had replaced and repaired are working. Sure wish we could have a meet up...but That pinched nerve has priority...don't want to do anything that would jeopardize a recovery! I'm hoping maybe February in Alabama Hills or somewhere around the Southwest. Take care of yourself my Friend...Horst sends