Sunday, September 22, 2019

Whats Happening....

Its been four months....Haven't been on any camping trips since this past Spring.  Thought I might be going to Alabama Hills, Ca in Feb.......but🙁. That's  not to say we haven't been on any trips. Went to Kansas City in April...SIL had gotten some sort of virus and Docs couldn't get rid of it with any type of antibiotic. It was a little touchy for a while, but he's recovered. Took three months, a couple surgeries and  30 days of constant antibiotics. Also got a chance to see FIL....95 and going strong...Hell, his "labs" come back better than mine. :))
(c)2019Horstkelly Photographer...Tetons

 In August we went back up to KC for a 50th surprise birthday party for SIL...Great time, relaxing and a lot of laughs. In early July went to Claremore Oklahoma to the Centennial celebration of what was once deemed The West Point of the Southwest...but with the beginning of Vietnam and and its negative press on the military it had to close its Doors...However it was reopened as Rogers University and is doing well. They have done a Magnificent job of keeping the Military Academy  legacy alive and on the forefront of its history. It was very nostalgic for me and showing the bride around was fun. Reunited with several of my classmates and made several new friends.......How I ended up at Claremore, OK after graduating from high school at Clark AFB, Philippines is left for another post.
(c)2019horstkelly photographer...Driving up to the Academy

We are going on another trip shortly to Big Cedar Lodge in southern Missouri(The Ozarks). Terrific reviews especially this time of year. Looking forward to that trip and hopefully having time for some hiking and photo ops.....and "kicking back"....will also go up to Kansas City either before or after our  at The Lodge.
(c)2029Horstkelly Photographer...Nat'l Sand Dunes

Here at the home front its been another "hazy lazy days of summer"...June was great temp. wise, got a lot of stuff done around the place and even had a garage sale.  Mother Nature came at us with an inferno starting in July and August saw no relief...It has still been in the 100's here until last week and we started a cold spell down into the mid 90's.  I had to revert to starting my daily walk at 0530 stop and get the Bride at 0645 and finish up at 0745...Working outside stopped by 1000 and then it was indoor stuff or going to Home Depot, Costco, Tractor Supply, or HEB....and a trip to Walmart .  😁
(c)2019HorstKelly Photographer....Tetons

Have looked at some of my old photo's that never made it to post processing . So during the heat of the day I would pick a couple and see what they really looked like.  The photo's in this post are from that find.
(c)2019Horst Kelly Photographer...Page, Az area

Spent time looking at projects for the Casita. Will be taking it in for either a Fridge repair or replacement. Spend more mornings than I want to admit trying to get the fridge to work, to no avail...I think I watched every utube on RV fridge repair that's out there... so we'll see. I had debated on selling the Armadillo and getting either a slide in truck camper of some sort or an "Overlander" setup..At the end of the day I chose to keep the Casita for the few years  I can continue doing this rather than going with a whole new setup....
(c)2019HorstKelly photographer....Superstitions Mts.

I do plan on going on a 10 day or so trip here in Texas between Thanksgiving and Christmas and by damn going to Alabama Hills early next year...mid Febuary or so. I would have gone this fall, but Janet really wanted to go to the Lodge for the fall colors and we have not  been there so that took priority, as it should.
(c)2019Horst Kelly Photographer...somewhere in the Northwest

 That's it in a nutshell ...If there are any folks left that still look at this blog, I thank you for stopping by...Hope all is well with you... until next time Happy Trails...Horst sends


  1. I still look for you most every day. So good to see a new post. Wishing you a really fun time in southern Missouri. Be sure and let me know if you head for the Alabama Hills. Our plans are to be back in Arizona after Christmas, so maybe we can meet for that flat iron steak and a Moose Drool.

    1. Great to hear from you! I think Big Cedar Lodge and the surrounding area well be a fun visit...looking forward to it. I really would like to have a meetup and share a campfire with great food/drink and company! I hopefully will venture west to Alabama Hills this coming year. What month did you guys actually stay their. As I recall you had some snow on the Mnts...and magnificent sunrise/sets. Take care safe travels my Friend! Horst sends

  2. Great to hear from you and that you have had a decent summer. Glad your SIL is doing better and that is behind him. It has definitely been almost too hot to do anything this past 2.5 months.
    Horst, you have some relly awesome pics you are showing there. Glad you are keeping the Casita, sometimes it is not as easy to start all over after all the fun you have had in the Casita.
    Take care my friend...

    1. Thanks for the kind words on the photo's ...It makes it that much more enjoyable to keep up with my photography hobby!. Hope all is well with you and Gerri...and that you're off on some new adventure! Yup I'm keeping the Casita and currently getting work done on her ...hope to get out before Christmas for a week or so and then head early next year for a month with the compass headed about 270 degrees. :)) Take care good Buddy and don't let go of those "keys" Gerri gave you. :)) Horst sends

  3. i still go to your blog for the magnificent photogrsphy and great stories.

    1. Thanks you for the terrific comment and taking the time to stop by and leave a comment...Makes continuing this this Blog all worth while! Horst sends