Thursday, October 8, 2015

Optimism-Is Going after Moby Dick in a Rowboat and taking Tartar Sauce With You

A Friend sent me the header quote in a email  and I got a chuckle out of it and thought I’d share it…..
The Superstitions....(c)2015Horst Kelly Photographer
I got up around 0430 on the 4th still trying to decide where I wanted to head next…In the end I think I always knew…and it was the Superstition's..I had first gone there in‘11….I enjoyed my stay then and it ended up being one of my favorite places to visit… I hitched up and pointed “Grif” South…..and by 0715  had gassed up and  heading on “Scenic” US-89  South to Flagstaff…it is a lonely road…traffic is almost nonexistent until you intersect with US-160 near Tuba City. There are a few Hamlets I recall only five…Bitter Springs, Cedar Ridge, The Gap, Cameron and Gray Mountain….At Flagstaff I took l-17 to Phoenix..…and what a  Free fall ride that was…Grab your ankles, close your eyes until you land in Phoenix…I guessing you drop about 4 thousand feet in elevation ..every time you think you’re done you hit another 7 degree “Super-G slope”… …  of course driving through Phoenix is something everyone is wanting to do…NOT…its just about like driving in El Paso…Mind you, this is not fact…just my humble opinion….
Starting To Get Cloudy  Sunset..(c)2015Horst Kelly Photographer
Made it out of the City and before you know it, I’m in Apache Jct.  and a stones throw from Lost Dutchman State Park…and my reward for having “survived” l-17 and The Phoenix 500 was getting site 32…an unobstructed  view of The Superstitions….I look out my Bedside window and there it is…with all its history staring back at me…and I remember why this is one of my favorite places.
It is now the evening of the 6th and has been overcast and/or raining since arriving…Sooo,  I have extended my stay until the 8th…..I have done a few hikes and drove out on Rt 88(East)….great ride that I never tire of…also took some roads around the Superstition's….until I hit dead ends….and when it rained I read and starred at the Mountain…..I am indeed in a relaxing mode and enjoying every facet of this trip…..
Storm Arriving...(c)2015 Horst Kelly Photographer
Don’t often get this way..but sitting here looking out the window reflecting on my trip the poem Desiderata pops in my head…specifically the first sentence…” Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence”…..
Its Arrived...(c)2015Horst Kelly Photographer
Tomorrow the weather turns to Blue Skies and I will get out and explore …So until next time …Happy Trails….I attach some different faces  of The Superstitions…Horst sends
Yes.....(c)2015Horst Kelly Photographer


  1. Your photos capture the reason that the Apache Junction/Superstition Mountain area is one of our favorites in our 15 years of travel as full time RVers. Now that we've settled in Florida I have to enjoy them vicariously through others. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for postive comment...I'm with you, it is one of my Favorites places to return to...especially the Superstitions....something about the place..glad I could bring you a happy memory and a smile to your face.....Horst sends