Friday, July 19, 2013

Vicksburg....A History Lesson about America

This is another late post.....Left Pensacola on Wednesday, about 0700 . heading west on I-10 until. we got to Mobile Al....took I-65 north for a few feet and then got on US-84, a secondary road about  90% of the time it was a 4 lane divided highway....couple pit stops, fed the angry bears, and before you know it we where pulling into River View RV Park and Resort, Vidalia, sits right on the Mississippi River...I've been here a couple of times and enjoy the park...Passport America for one night and also Good Sams...rate without is about $38.00...Has Wi-Fi, cement slabs(level), TV channels,( I don't use), pool...great for the Boys...

The Night of the Smores

Registered, got organized and guess what..."can we go to the pool"....after six plus hours in the car, they had some caged yes by all means....set some rules and off we go...two and half hours later we called it a on the horizon...And a Blockbuster storm followed!!

Made Dinner and the rest of the evening was relaxing, playing games, a Skype call to Mom and Dad and a "Now I Lay me Down to Sleep Prayer".....why do they add.."please have Opi Drive safe"...
Horst Kelly Photographer


Next morning we get up about 0730...take a shower, that's for your benefit Daughter/Mother...they did switch underwear...just kidding, ate breakfast and by 0830 we where off to  the Vicksburg Battlefield...took about an hour plus...  arrived went to the office...oh no, the dreaded "Gift Shop", please  don't have the all popular "Marshmellow rifle"..note from  a previous post...they did, I didn't and we left with a cap, a book and a CD...

Horst Kelly Photographer


We took about two and a half hours doing a drive around...we had a map and the CD, so they learned as we drove...I think they enjoyed it...however as we where getting towards the end I could tell they had enough....I most admit it was probably more than I could handle at that 2 Gson took about 50+ photos, and No# 1 did a lot reading about each site...
Horst Kelly photographer

When we got back we relaxed, cleaned up and went to Taco of their favorite places...came back, time for Skype and after that we took a walk on the side walk paralleling the Mississippi River...sat on a bench and watching the Barges bringing their goods up and down the River...Talked about that life style, . they saw clothes hanging on a line and asked if people live on the Barges..intuitive...

So that's been our day..leave tomorrow(which now is today) for Texas...heading Northwest to intersect with I-20...and by Saturday I'll arrive at the Homestead...until next time...Happy Trails....


  1. Replies
    1. We are having a GRAND time...though we are about to touch down at our "Home base"....hope you are enjoying yourself with your grandson...sorry to hear about the tooth problem...glad to see the pain is in your "rear view mirror"...take care my friend....Horst

  2. Wow you guys look like you are having so much fun. looking forward to your return. Keep Opi out of trouble and be good. Mom and I send our best.

    1. I think they enjoyed the camper...but they seem to now enjoyed being in a "real house" will be interesting if they want a camper return trip or a 3/4 day auto/motel trip....take care and have a terrific Sunday... #1 Opi