Thursday, July 11, 2013

Surfing in the morning and Alligators at Okefenokee in the Afternoon... How much Better can it Get...

Early morning surfing 
I was told by Gkids to let you know that if you click on the photos they will be enlarged...woe is me!!

The Team was up by 0600...we where ready for some early morning 0700 we had breakfast...pop tarts and stick pretzels..we opted not to have the Beef Jerky dipped in honey mustard...we where driving through the gate to the beach by 0700 , though the sign stated opens at 0800...I felt its better to ask for "forgiveness" than for "permission"....the next two plus hours where more than we could have anticipated..warm water, tide coming in, great wave action, no clouds,..but not hot...did have a rip I had them not go out too far...I saying this for my Daughters was two plus hours of great fun...

Gator head
They decided they had enough and where ready for the next adventure of the day..a trip to Okefenokee Swamp Park..some 70 miles north..only hiccup was I thought we where going to the National Park, which I had been to in 2010...which got me in free and did a self guided tour...this was not it...ended up with a 43 dollar tab...but it included a talk/exhibition, train tour, can't put a price tag on adventure with your Grand Kids...the interactive talk was fun...the lady brought out  live snakes and 'Gators...of course Gson had to have the gator sit on his head...
First ones on the beach....
We then walked around the park, saw several large Gators, went into the Museum, and then off for a 45 minute train ride into the swamp....I think we saw "Bigfoot"...that's our story and we're sticking to it.....we finished the tour mid afternoon, and got back at dinner time...cleaned up, hitched up and are ready for tomorrows departure...Had our nightly Skype session with Mom and Dad...its amazing we can get a connection, there is no campground what it is , is my smart phone, a Wilson sleek and and without the Wilson I can't even make a cell phone is good..until  next time..Horst sends


  1. I'd have to frame that first photo....lovely! Gosh the memories....keep having fun!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, especially with your hectic schedule..I can hardly wait...I think I'm going have a whole wall of framed photos from this trip..I'm definitely going to do a photo book with journal info for both of them...Take care relax and enjoy...Horst

  3. Looks like another great day for the gkids and gpa. You get up way too early for a retired guy!

    1. The fun just keeps getting better though today was a travel and it started raining when we get restless real I am an early riser, always have been..though there are days I wish I could sleep longer...oh well, such is life...have a great weekend...Horst