Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ready...Set...Almost Go...oooone

Its been a period of relaxation and rejuvenation prior to the journey West...Independence Day was spent mostly relaxing at home...The Kids and Grands went to a block/pool/fireworks get together...I decided to opt out and continue researching for Campgrounds, plus wanted to end the day earlier then they probably wanted to...
(c)Horst Kelly photographer

5 July I started making calls to reserve camp sites from here to Pensacola, Florida...juggling the number of days at each site became somewhat unruly ...but after negotiating for several hours with Reserve  America, my favorite Bureaucratic  Organization....NOT, I
now have a plan and a route...we are either staying at State or National Parks....Three are Old Forts and then the Suwanee River Park.....the only down side is looking at the 10 day calling for at least a 30 percent chance of rain each day...if we have to spend a lot of time in the camper each day, I may reconsider the configuration of the camper...instead of having the kids bed permanent...may set up and break it down each day....they then have a table to spread stuff out...a hassle...but it is THEIR vacation...
(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

Today is clean the inside of the camper...took most stuff out, took my larger table out and now its vacuum, mop and dust...that will last maybe one day... tomorrow I start all the systems, pack all the Gkids stuff, get the food.... and Monday...early.. its launch...except for one day, travel is less than 160 miles each day....the route is south to Jacksonville, and then across the Panhandle of Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana ...staying at each campsite 2 or 3 days...after the panhandle, plan on getting to Houston and staying there for a couple of days...the highlight being Houston Space Center..then heading to La Vernia...

Until next time....Happy Trails to all...Horst sends

(c)Horst Kelly Photographer


  1. Excited to see what sites you pick .... your forecast not so hot. But looking by time you get to Panhandle most the ugly will be gone. How many you taking onboard...think you said three!? What a grandpa you are!!! You'll get to see how the excitement through a child's eyes! Travel safe!

    1. First stop is McAllister SP, Ga., stops in-between and last leg of the panhandle thus far is Ft. Pickens Nat'l park, Fl, we think...maybe, kinda, sorta....multiple days at each park...from there its still up in the air...depends how the weather is doing and how the Gkids Feel....hoping the stalled system moves out...we will have a crew of three and I am excited to see this will be structured in an unstructured way...there are always options...Take care...Horst