Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Down Days Of Summer...To Hot to sweat

I could say my computer turned blue, or my internet provider was doing maintenance, or maybe I had one of Barney's Migraine headaches...but the truth is I was toooooo lazy to post yesterday.....

We last where doing the African Safari...On Tuesday the weather was going to get outdoor activities had to take a back seat...even going to Splash-Town was not going to work....I found what I thought might be a "Whitte Museum" type activity...its a Texas State University sponsored bottom boat tours on Spring Lake in San Marcos, Texas...about a 45 minute drive from here....

The Boys and the Tour

We left around 0945 and had a leisurely drive...arrived, checked in and paid our fees...had some time to spare we ventured in there Aquarium Exhibit...not very large...5000 gallon tank with native and endangered species, plus a turtle tank with 5 different addition, interactive video displays.
The Aquarium

Around 1050 we headed over to the Boat area and boarded ....the tour is about 30 minutes long and the guide was a student at the University...very knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic... he provided an excellent history lesson of the  area along with how the lake gets it clarity and its water ....Below is a three minute utube that does a good job on explaining its history...worth a watch.

When we finished the tour we looked around a bit and after about a 2 hour adventure we started back home...the Boys where getting hungry...they saw a Burger King and we stopped ate and where refreshed for the rest of the trip home....

3 Amigos IHOP Breakfast

The rest of the day was kinda "boring"....math project, picking up toy causalities, dinner, Skype and getting ready for the "sandman" to come calling....

Wednesday morning was Opi's   haircut appointment(0730)....Bride had Doctors appointment, so I took the Boys...and we then had an IHOP mini adventure.....that lasted an hour....came home turned around to pick up the auto tags, did some shopping...looking for some "Cowboy" hats....home for lunch....and then some laid back relaxing and math, dinner and Skype....Kids now are couch camping with their couch tents....maybe a camping night without the campfire ....or smores....

Couch camping with their "Linus Blankets" they brought from Home

The tentative game plan for tomorrow is the Johnson Space Center....long drive, then 3 to 5 hours at the Center and long drive home...leave around 0700 get back between 8-9 pm....if not tomorrow then Friday for sure...That's all folks....'till next time...Horst sends


  1. As Barney says, you're just having too much fun. Wishing ya'll a great day tomorrow. Just try and keep cool, wherever you are.

    1. I truly am enjoying this time...I think its been a great adventure in Bonding....though I will admit, it does test ones endurance...the bride has been super...sort of like a "tag team"...Horst sends

  2. I can still remember my blanket tent in the backyard as a child...those boys are going to gave the best memories ..

    1. I know I will have the memories for life....Glad to see you Guys are building your own GREAT memories...Horst sends