Monday, July 1, 2013

Day Two a Repeat of Day One...No Not Really

Yesterday ended by going to bed around 10pm or so...didn't take long before I was in "Dreamland"....Today started rather abruptly and early....about 0315 I wake up to the sound of a Dog Barking....loudly....since the it was down to 64 was a open windows for the night and some welcomed fresh air... so I closed the windows hoping to get some more shut eye...but it was not meant to be....Decided to get up about 0430 as the Dog was still trying to become a finalist on American Idol...made some java and went outside to see the sun peak over the horizon....which didn't happen for another 90 minutes or so....decided to do my daily walk ..though an abbreviated  one in miles...and low and behold...Barney aka OFM...the campground is wrapped by a golf if your heading this direction you might want to give it some appears to be wooded and tight, at least the couple holes I short and straight is better than long and wayward...maybe use a 7 iron, pitching wedge and putter....

Askew Landing CG..Horst Kelly photographer

Around 0640 I headed out...destination Edwards, Ms and the Askew Landing Campground, close to 300  miles east on I-20...I really don't like to travel the interstates, however, since I want to be in Charleston by 3 July, this appears to be the only way...To me I-20 is one of the better interstates; the condition and upkeep is better, the traffic is not as heavy and the scenery and history along the way is more was a very relaxing drive..I stopped about every hour or so to stretch and walk around and get gas if needed....the temps. weren't that high...Before I knew it I had passed Vicksburg and was closing in on exit 19...signs to the campground where well the beaten path to say the least, but what a hidden gem.....
A.L.CG...Horst Kelly Photographer

First, lets have a little history lesson on Edwards Ms.....a small old and I would say poor town...a Planation town in its day:

"Emigrants mostly from the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee first settled the Edwards community in the period 1820-1830.  The first town in the Edwards community was known as Amsterdam and was located about two miles northwest of the present town of Edwards.  The town of Amsterdam flourished during the 1830’s and then just faded away.  An epidemic of the cholera about 1832 and the fact that the Alabama & Vicksburg Railroad missed it by about two miles caused the death of the town. 

Edwards had its beginning as a plantation settlement.  R.O. (Dick) Edwards, for whom the Edwards Hotel in Jackson is named, owned the plantation, and with the coming of the Alabama & Vicksburg Railroad in 1839, it was know as Edwards Depot.  The first depot was located about where the present Livestock Arena is located.  The Yankees burned the depot in 1863 and the present location of the depot is about a quarter of a mile east of the old site."

There is not much to see in the town proper....most of the buildings are torn down..I went to a grocery store to get a bottle of wine and the only thing they had was Strawberry Boones Farm Wine....I am not joking....oh well, maybe tomorrow...
I follow the signs to the is all I can lush forest and meadows..make the turn into the grounds and what a place it is...clean...has a large pond or small lake, "Horse hotel"...ducks, geese, and other wild life, nature trails, wild life refuge...and much is family owned...I guessing it use to be a Plantation or ranch...the pond/lake is stocked with Bass, Bream, Crappie, and Catfish ...I'm guessing that might interest you Barney....they have some small boats; they have a store, swimming pool, fishing supplies, firewood...and the list goes on ...its in a somewhat wooded, though I'm on a grassy area....when I return the Gkids to Charleston I will take this route and spend a couple days here.... cost me $19.26..elect. and water....and a laid back attitude...

Tomorrow its on to Auburn, Al.  and the Auburn RV park...I think...another update coming soon...take care, safe travels...and enjoy your life...Horst sends

And a final note...our thought and prayers to the 19 Firefighters who gave there all...least we forget how fragile life is...I thank each and everyone of you for your service....


  1. Welcome to Mississippi; where you can only buy wine in a liquor store. we always travel with about five bottles tucked away in the cellar of the Casita for times like that. Glad everything is going well for you along the way.

    1. Thanks for the advise on the wine...I am a little naïve...sometimes...and I wasn't about to drive back to Vicksburg, so I settled on some Shiner beer that I had brought with me...the trip has been very relaxing...just pulled into the Auburn RV park, in Auburn Al., its close to the Stadium, in a wooded site has a creek flowing through it....take care and thanks for taking the time to stop by!...Horst

  2. Looks like you found your little piece of heaven...minus the early barks of Idol stars. Just the birds alone sure are playing their tunes before a sunrise. Nice cool enough to open the windows...huge plus! Love the history of MS and a love for plantations...keep on truckin!

    1. Thanks for stopping by...I guessing you Guys are very excited right about now....This trip had been relaxing...can't wait to get the Gkids and put it in "Full Throttle"...keep posting...Horst sends