Monday, July 15, 2013

A Crappy Start...but a Terriffic Finish

Woke this morning to the sound of Thunder...and the sun wasn't even trying to break over the horizon yet....what the....but after about an hour the lightening, thunder and rain shower subsided and all was right with the world...the Boys where still asleep, so I decided I would go ahead and get cleaned up and make a cup of outdoor java...By 0700 they where them breakfast, they cleaned up and we where off to the beach for some early morning fun....the beach is different from the last and the "rip" was a little stronger...but they where having a ball... then we saw it...a small system moving in...after about 45 minutes I saw some lightening strikes...time to pack up and head for the safety of the camper.....

About an hour later the sun came out and it was time for another decision...Go-Karts and then miniature came first...I was going to let them race and my role was to be in the "Pit" 2 Gson was not old enough by 2 he and I had to ride together...Bummer..but it was a grand time...forgot my camera but used my phone camera...the winner will not be revealed....there   where no losers...

Next was miniature score card to record the scores....but to say the Guys where able to reinvent a putter into a the end it was no harm no foul...and all left smiling...another front was moving in so we headed for didn't last long and we then decided to go to the Golf shores Zoo...not the largest Zoo...but we enjoyed it...a train ride then a walk around...two hours of 2 Gson must have taken 100 photo's...
Horst Kelly Photographer

Horst Kelly Photographer

Got come about 430pm..did our math project, ate dinner and they are now watching a movie and getting ready for the 8pm Skype with parents...

Tomorrow its the Naval Museum and Light what ever...Happy Trails...Horst

ps...can't get my Droid 2 photos to download to windows 8...HELP is appreciated...that has the Go Kart and golf photos.

Ft Pickens


  1. Don't know if I'm the right person to offer help but will tell you what I have just done.
    I subscribe to Geeks on Tour (now Picasa Geeks) and they have a tutorial on Dropbox. I downloaded it and now all my smartphone pictures go directly to a dropbox folder on my laptop. Works like a charm!
    Sign up for Chris and Jim Guld's free emails....they are fulltimers.

    1. Appreciate a solution ...I probably will end up with that, though what I really want is to download to my computer and work it from there....Between Microsoft and Goggle I feel I'm being controlled.."1984"...but over the top...Hoping your trip is going well...its been an inspiration to me..Horst