Sunday, April 28, 2013

A history lesson.."Santa Fe Trail".. and Our Departure

All Good things must come to an end, and today was travel day one on our return trip home...we where going to try another route , but an appointment I had is moved up so we need to race home the most direct route...,and today was probably the nicest day(weather wise) we have had during our visit....oh well...there will always be a next time....yesterday(Saturday) we where trying to get the last minute stuff done for FIL and back brief all concerned...that evening we had the other Twin Daughter and SIL come from Jefferson City and all came over for an evening of good eats (KC famous Jack Stack BBQ)...not as good as Texas, but will suffice in a a fun evening with a lot of laughter and and good natured "jabbing"...and memories...

By 0600 Sunday we had packed, loaded, and where ready to hit the road...but didn't...had breakfast with FIL..last minute reminders and got under way at 0830....destination Paul's Valley Oklahoma...400+ miles down the here before 3pm....checked in and now just fact the bride is napping...

One of the items I forgot to post earlier that I always thought interesting is that FIL lives south KC, Mo....on the Old Santa FeTrail...about a quarter mile up the road is this historical site, which includes a cemetery...and this is all in a residential area... Soo for your reading and learning pleasure...a history lesson:

The town of New Santa Fe (or Little Santa Fe, as some call it) stood at the junction of the Santa Fe Trail and State Line Road, now southwest Kansas City. The little village had great historical significance in the development of western commerce in the 19th century.

New Santa Fe was a little post village situated on the west line of Missouri, about midway in Washington Township. The village developed about the farm of John Bartleston, who erected a cabin in the forest along the Santa Fe Trail in 1833 and subsisted on hominy and potatoes. Within a few years, a community known as Little Santa Fe developed. Wagon caravans laden with merchandise for the Mexican and California trade paused here before pushing westward. In 1851, Little Santa Fe was incorporated as New Santa Fe. About this time the village's troubles began. Located on the line between a free and a slave State, it suffered from the Border War of 1855-60, the Civil War, and the depredations of the bands of outlaws who came after the war. Finally, the isolation of the village from the railroad reduced it to little more than an historic site. (1941 Missouri: A Guide to the "Show Me" State, Missouri State Highway Department)
Photo of Dabney Libscomb gravestone in New Santa Fe Cemetery Dabney Lipscomb and his wife, Elizabeth W. Lipscomb, "laid out" the town on October 5th, 1851.
"Being on the State line between a free and a slave State, it experienced some of the most remarkable events that have been known on a turbulent border: the Border Ruffian War of 1855-60, the awful commotions of the Civil War, and the bands of outlaws, murderers and robbers since the War of the Rebellion ceased have haunted this section to an unwanted degree. The country around about New Santa Fe was of unsurpassed loveliness and fertility." (History of Jackson County, p. 361)

Trail Remnants

The National Park Service certified the trail rut in New Santa Fe Cemetery as part of the officially mapped National Historic Trail System.

So there you have it...I have been to this site numerous times and just wonder about there trek...though I can sit on FIL's porch and during a still evening as the sun is setting hear the huff noises  of the oxen pulling the wagons and the Wagon Masters voice as he yells instructions to the wagon Train....and that's before I've had a glass of wine....

Another Zoo Photo...not as crisp as I'd like...
Horst Kelly photographer

I'll Close for now and recap our trip sometime later...Thanks for stopping by...Safe Travels..Horst

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun Filled Day...and Evening

This last couple days where "none days"...the weather was too cold to do anything outside, so we just worked on the started off a little cool but by 0830 is turning into a GREAT day.....Bride decided to do a little more planting, and I figured I better stay out of her way, so I'm off to the KC zoo...thinking a week day and early morning should be pretty much empty except for some of my distant relatives that reside at the Zoo....

Horst Kelly Photographer

Horst Kelly Photographer
Got there right at opening, 0930..parking lot was pretty empty...what I didn't see where the Buses....a whole parking lot full of them...seems it was "preschool day" at the the first order of business was either staying ahead of them or falling back...but there was no end to the I took the point.....what I didn't realize is that groups split up....its not nice to fool an old fool....but it all worked out....
Horst Kelly photographer

The Zoo has three main areas, Australia, Africa, and KidZone...a lot of water, trams and sky ride...very child friendly...I started with the Polar Bear display.....great venue for kids to view...bad for so you can view them underwater....and the part that has no glass, also has no view...oh well, the kids where enjoying it was off to view one of my favorites...Tigers...I am guessing they are being housed in a temporary "run" it had a high fence....again not conducive  for taking pic...then it was off to see Australia....again..neat for the children not too much for me...did get a couple of Kangaroo shoots...they roam freely in the area...then a nonstop flight to Africa...they have a great area here...larger then Australia and more open...
Horst Kelly Photographer
Horst Kelly Photographer

All in all, I had a terrific time...I think I like the San Antonio Zoo better..but that's just back around 2pm...helped Bride with mulching...and time to clean up and go see Jim and Wendy Wilkerson of the Blog "Mighty Bus"(its on my side bar as one of the Blogs I visit), Jim is my BIL's younger brother...and they took a converted Bus and really tricked it out.....had a super visit...they have really done a great job.....They are rethinking about  Full timing vs. having a "Home Base"..
Jim and Wendy's Dragon Bus Conversion
... got home just in time to have Daughter and I go to a downtown Sushi Bar......Ms J. does not like fish, especially it was just us two and met up with a couple that my daughter knows....another great evening...walked around the area...its an old industrial area, now converted to lofts, pubs and music venues...definitely for the younger generation...
Pub District...Horst Kelly Photographer
Friday is suppose to rain.....guess I'll do a "virtual walk" on the treadmill....and try to stay out of every bodies way..Till next time Happy Trails

Horst Kelly Photographer

ps...Its now Friday....didn't get a chance to post this last night...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chores...Chores...and more Chores

So today(Monday) began at 0500...everyone was still sound asleep...brewed some coffee, decided I would not take the Mt. Everest walk, so I got on the treadmill  for 80 minutes.....extremely boring....builds character....FIL got up....then Bride.....Favorite Lady fixed some breakfast, and then time to start the Days Activities...still had some mowing and weed eating(edging) to more flower planting...Bride took the planting chores...I took on weed eating...FIL got the riding lawn mower....I tried to trade jobs with FIL but he wouldn't have any of that..... I only wish I'll have his energy when/if I'm 88....the truth be known I wish I had his energy now!
FIL at age 88...the Greatest Generation still showing why they are

Next was grocery shopping....Bride still had some planting to do,  I did the grocery I wanted to get the stuff to make Chili....Started The Chili about 3pm...ate at 6pm...FIL must of liked it, he had 3 helpings, daughter came over and joined in then took a "care package" of Chili with her...made some calls and then started looking at alternative routes for our trip home...l-35 is getting to be really boring and you sure can't see America that we may go East To Jefferson City then south...hit some of Route 66..and Meander home that way..or go west to Flint Hills area then head south to parts unknown...a lot depends on what surprises Mother Nature may have up her sleeve...there is a good chance of snow here for later Tuesday....hopefully by Thursday we'll get another Spring day...
Stare down...he won..Horst Kelly photographer

Its now Tuesday Morning...cold, raining, 25mph gusts...possibility of snow.....a inside day ..going to get on the treadmill shortly, and do some inside work on the house....have a GREAT Day....Horst

Loose Park...Horst Kelly Photographer

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day at the Park

It's Sunday...finally a decent up around 0530, had my coffee, and decided to go for a walk....the Mountains of Tibet come to mind when I do  this route....but it was good to get out for some exercise...though pushing a lawn mower in high grass yesterday about did me in...
Daughter at Loose Park

This afternoon ....daughter and I went downtown to Loose Park..for some photo ops ...especially for the roses.....well the roses weren't in bloom yet...and the ducks and geese were sleeping...after we hiked around there we went to a  neat neighborhood of KC called Brookside...old homes and eclectic stores and Pubs....decided to chow down at one of the Pubs...oh and it was five o'clock somewhere and we had a Bloody Mary....I had the one with the
Where we ate

"Kick"...and it had an Overdrive kick....I thinking it was akin to having a "V-8" ......It was a GREAT after afternoon...
Loose Park...Horst Kelly Photographer

Horst Kelly Photographer

This evening we're having Brisket again...made that instead of Chili last evening...Bride did some more planting ....while I was drinking Bloody Mary's....such is life... FIL watching the Food channel and a channel called Create..a part of PBS...folks coming over this evening for a little catching up and bonding...till tomorrow..Horst

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cold Temps...High Wind.....Kansas City "Spring" got Kidnapped

Appears that a good portion of the country is having weather issues.....check out Carla from"Cozy be Gone"...JerryC  has had some storms and 30 something degree temps....Barney of OFM woke up to 29 degrees......the temps here didn't get above the high 40's and the winds where gusting pretty much all I opened up my new laptop and tried to figure out how this beast works....finally  opened the PDF guide and was amazed about windows 8...some of the stuff is like FIL does not have a wifi router so I thought I would use my smartphone set up...and what did I discover...they now have wifi, without having to use a usb tethering...I uploaded the new software..and man is it slick...its just like finding a wifi at Uncle Mac's...

Big Bend Nat'l Park
Didn't get back to the post last the weather starts out chilly but is suppose to warm up some....and virtually no wind issues....guess we're start on putting some plants in the ground...FIL is getting antsy  about getting that done...will do the chili will be coming  over...and still no photo's ...I'll keep this short and update tomorrow....have a great Day..Horst
Glacier NP...(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 2...Final Approach

Its now Friday morning...arrived in KC late Thursday afternoon...drove 500 plus miles yesterday in 30-40 mph  winds...smacking on the drivers side...rain for the first few hours.....the good news, no tornados...watching the weather channel Thursday evening when the news about the Waco fertilizer plant explosion came on.... think a few short hours before that we passed Waco on l-35...what a tragedy....the temps took a nose dive...Wednesday 80 + degrees...Thursday morning 39 degrees and wind...and all I brought in the motel room were shorts and t-shirt.....not a pleasant experience "schlepping"...(is that a word)... out to the car in that weather...

Glacier Nat'l Park....(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

Woke up this morning to temps in the mid 30' I remember why we live South walking today...well, maybe on the treadmill......then again maybe not. ...Need to make a run to the grocery store...think I'll make some Chili..FIL really likes it and the weather is right for it....other than  that its just the Bride getting stuff done around the house and me getting in her way....such is life.....when does "Happy Hour" start in KC????...will do another post this evening...have a great Friday...Horst
La Vernia, Tx Sunrise

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tornado Alley...Close and Personal

We are on our way to Kansas City..route is I-35....aka Tornado Alley...and anyone that is watching the weather channel today is noticing that there is a strong chance for tornadoes ...we delayed a day and are currently bedded down in Denton, Texas....a  nip south of the real danger zone.....but not outside the T-storms....I do have a mobile emergency weather notification system....hopefully by morning it will be a little East of us...we will hit rain, but that's may ask...why didn't you fly...the bride does not want to fly any longer....and for some valid reasons that occurred during flights from Hawaii back to KC.....
Tetons...Horst Kelly Photographer

On another netbook that I used on the road started acting up...and appeared to be on its last leg....Good excuse to  start looking for a laptop...I have the all in one Apple for home use.... the laptop is the on the road platform.....did some research, went to Best Buy...they tried to sell me a Apple, based on my other, no and no again....told them what my requirements where, what I had researched and I ended up with a Samsung, l5 processor,  8 GB Ram, 750 hard Dive, etc....15 something inch I'm trying to now learn windows 8 along with Apple....oh well....I do like the laptop thus far.....sure a step up from a netbook...

Horst Kelly Photographer
Hoping to get some photo ops during this visit.....will try and post daily during the trip...and now will try and download some photos from my external drive.....Happy Trails...Horst sends

Friday, April 12, 2013

I have noticed that some of the Blogs I follow change their "Header photo" quite I thought I would give that a try.....Boy is that frustrating...storing your photo's in a Apple software and then trying to put it on a Windows Platform, Blogger, is not the most pleasant thing..when I'm on the road I have my netbook which is powered by windows, so no problem...Bottom line I think I made a mistake switching to an  Apple, or I need to take a "timeout" and learn to use it better.....anyway..I did get a new Header Photo loaded and I will attempt to change it from time to time...
Colorado...Horst kelly photographer

  Things have been quiet on the Home Front...but up north it seems the skirmishes have we are headed to KC to take care of some stuff with FIL.......while another Gate Guard gets a rest and takes a trip to visit their son...Though Ms. Casita isn't part of the Travel Package....I will take a camera and shot some photo' want to visit the KC Zoo...haven't done that in several years......and may take a day trip to the Flint Hills Area on a "recon mission" prior to my Fall Trip.

Outside Amarillo Tx...Horst Kelly photographer

Not much else happening here in South has been unpredictable...but it sure hasn't been what most of the rest of the Country has been presented by "Mother Nature"....but then maybe she's going through a "change of life" experience...I apologize...The Devil made me say that...50 thousand comedians out of work and I pop up!!

I'm going to follow Jerry's lead and leave you with some "memories"...I hope..

Air Show

La Vernia BBQ cook-off...Horst Kelly photographer

Horst Kelly photographer

Big Bend... Horst Kelly Photographer

Thats all folks...take care and safe Journey...Horst sends

Monday, April 1, 2013

Texas Road Trip….to Cowpoke Country

I cleared all the Doctors appointments, finished  all the “Honey Do” stuff and my Bride and I decided to do a road trip into the Hill Country…about 90 miles Northwest of here…weather was iffy, but what the h…, lets give it a go.  Of course Ms. Casita  stayed home …this was a drive and B&B trip….
Bandera Tx…Cowboy Country
County Courthouse, Bandera Tx

Our plan was to spend the night in Bandera…claimed by the locals to be the “Cowboy Capital of the World”…well,  at least Texas….Home to the culture of Cowboys…and Cowgirls….real Cowboys, doing real work…herding cattle…History runs deep  in this land…from a story  of Charles Lindbergh, who crash landed a plane three years before his Atlantic crossing to Vice President John Garner saying the VP position “is not worth a bucket of Piss”…if nothing else, Texas is a colorful State!

No explanation required….

We started off taking the most direct route to Bandera, but after a few miles my nomadic gypsy personality came to the forefront and we took the road less traveled…on a road... chasing Texas history ….and what a ride…the road starts to gain elevation and the vegetation  changes to typical Hill Country terrain of low-lying brush, oaks , mesquite, Ashe Juniper, and grasslands, Gnarled  limestone…..then you start  reflecting back to the 1800’s and the conflict with the Apaches and Comanche's over …their patch of land,  game, and water  …and before that the Mexicans….

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church…dates to 1876
…is The second oldest Polish Catholic parish is the USA

Got to Bandera and drove around, found a place to bed down…then did a walking tour of Bandera…..what a neat Cowboy town it was…but more. It was also a mini Sturgis…Bikers you also got the route 66 feel…especially the OST diner….it was born in the 1940’s and hasn’t changed…on any given day you’ll find ranchers, business folks, hunters, and “us tourists”…enjoying hot coffee,  with over easy eggs, crisp bacon, biscuit's and sausage gravy…by the way the latest census indicates 972 population….
OST Diner at 0700 Saturday morning

During the summer they have a rodeo every weekend…I will be back….after walking for several hours…and buying stuff….I thought we where “downsizing”…we where back to our cabin for the evening….cooked a meal…kinda like camping and sat watching the sun set…well it was overcast…so it wasn’t a “Kodak moment” …still a GREAT Day…
Even have a herd of Buffalo..and they use to have Camels 

We where up about 0630 …the weather was not conducive to sight seeing…we decided to head home…but decided to stop at several points of interest….first was Comfort, Texas… Comfort was built on the site of a Native American Village….established 1852 by middle-class Germans….most of the current buildings are listed in  the National Register…spent an hour or more looking, taking photo’s and talking to folks…my favorite place…the Barbershop…see photo…also walked around Center Point and tried to visit Camp Verde(Fort that was established in 1856), but it sits on private land….
Barbershop Comfort Tx
Another unique old structure in Comfort Tx.

Next was a country road( FM1621...FM stands for Farm to Market) behind a hay truck to Waring, Texas…..population 73….the main point of interest is the Waring General Store…another one of those Rt. 66 type structures....spent about 45 minutes…tempted to have the “Waring Burger”…but opted for one of our Egg Sandwiches…….

Last it was off to Boerne…the mist was turning into rain so we decided to confine our sightseeing to the St. Peters Catholic Church….

It was a fast trip  but one we enjoyed very much….wish  the weather had been better…we do need all the rain we can get… looking at another Day Trip or over nighter….Texas does have an abundance of great places to visit…..Happy Trails to All…and a belated Happy Easter!…Horst