Saturday, September 8, 2012

Winding Down...Homeward last Adventure

I made it to to Truth or Consequences in record time...did not unhitch.....the park sat up on a hill, no shade...and very hot.....the AC could never get below 82 degrees until early evening....the place reminded me of a Airport "tarmac"...the way  we are all parked...on the positive side, clean bathroom with shower; 24/7 use of the community room, to include tv, pool table, etc....nice, friendly host.....
Famous Hotel El Capitan, Van Horn, Tx...Horst kelly Photographer

So why the name Truth or Consequences...for you old enough to have listened to the radio in the 40's early '50's, there was a show by that name..on the 10th anniversary, the host of the show Ralph Edwards made an announcement  asking if there was a town that would like to change its name to the name of the show...whatever town won would get national publicity and the show would do a broadcast  from there...Long story short. the town of Hot Springs New Mexico won and the rest is history....

7th Sept,  got up and pulled onto I-10 around 0715 and decided to travel to Van Horn Tx, home of John Madden's favorite Mexican Restaurant...and the Tequila Lady at the RV park...well she is gone and I didn't make it to the Resturant...I did drive the Butch Cassidy look alike bike again...reference my blog last Sept/Oct.....Made beef stew for dinner and had a GREAT coversation with my bride....early night and then the wind and rain storm started...woke me up around 11pm...the rain didn't last long what the wind is still kicking around 30-40 mph...
John Madden's favorite Chow down place Van Horn Tx 

To day my goal is to go to Ft Davis State Park...only about 90 miles from there is no hurry..since I probably won't have internet, the next blog will be written at my wind down site of Seminole Canyon State Park...Until then Happy Tails...Thanks for stopping my...Horst
A Teton Memory...Lake Jenny..Horst Kelly Photography

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  1. Davis Mountains State Park has great internet at the Indian Lodge. I post from there everytime I am in the park.

    Seminole Canyon State Park has great wifi that reaches to the campground from the Visitor Center.