Thursday, September 13, 2012

Judge Roy Bean, a Last Sunset, and a Loving Homecoming from the Bride

This is  my last post before getting back home.....left early on the 10th to head to Seminole Canyon State  favorite winding down place...took Rt 118 south out of Fort Davis...from Alpine it was east on US 90......and not many towns between their and the campsite....did have one Border Check-point....all they wanted to know is if I was a US Citizen.....that took all of a nano second...though they had a dog sniffing the Mule and the Wagon.....these folks are doing a tremendous job here in Texas and providing a safety net for all of us......
The Law West of the Pecos...Horst Kelly Photographer

Got to the park around 1300 hours and asked for my favorite spot "E029"...I've had it the last five times I've been here...mind you there is only one other camper here....not even a Camp Host yet.....and what does the Ranger tell me...that spot is taken......came in half hour can't be...I'm sure I have earned "Squatter's Right's" to that site....can we negotiate....but it was not meant to I chose what turned out to be a great private spot and the great news...I have "coupons" that let me get a second night free.....or maybe they just felt sorry for me and gave me that second matter I was smiling all the way to a sun set.....

Since I didn't have my trout last night, I made it this evening, along with slaw, sliced tomatoes, toasted french bread...and a Guinness Beer...Mmmm, Mmmmm good! I watched the sun set.....took a short walk and called it a day....didn't feel like messing with the computer...hit the sack around 9pm...
Justice is served..Horst Kelly Photographer

Got up on the 11th around 0600...must be the time change......made my coffee..oh the smell of fresh brewed the wild.....doesn't get any better....decided to do my usual 6 mile hike in the park...and to my surprise they have added a new trail.."The Rim Trail"...the total walk is now 7.5 ankle is feeling good so I went for it...what a great walk...the solitude and scenery is second to none...whenever I take this walk and see the 12000+ year old cave dwellings my mind wanders as my foot steps are stepping over those 12000 year old foot prints....

After my walk I went to Langtry to Judge Beans place as they have done some rehab since my last still interests me, especially the saloon/courtroom...again knowing 120 years or so ago they where passing judgements on people in this very back to camp around 1600 hours....did some prep work for my departure on the 12th...decided to make my chicken stew dinner, and just sat outside as the sun dipped below the horizon and a million plus stars came to the forefront....then an added attraction of some "shooting stars"" as they crossed the horizon...couldn't have asked for a better ending  for my trip....
His Home and Opera House..Horst Kelly Photographer

Got up at 0530 on the 12th...sat outside to watch the a new day approach...had my coffee and then hitched up...departed around 0800, later then usual...but there is no hurry...another 200 miles I was  backing my rig into the driveway....and a loving greeting from my bride.....I decided not to tackle the unpacking for a day or so....its time to relax, reflect and get reacquainted...

In a couple days I will do a post and reflection of this doesn't seem like I was gone 6 weeks, yet it also feels  a lot longer than that..Mmmmm.....More to come..I want to thank all of you that followed the Blog, especially those that took the time to comment.....Later  Horst sends
Last Sunset of my Journey.....Horst signs off


  1. Nothing like arriving home safe and sound to a warm welcome..... What a great journey !!!! Enjoy being home !!!!! SallyB

    1. Thanks Sally for not only taking the time to join the adventure, but also your continued positive comments Until the next Journey...Horst

  2. I am a few weeks behind you. Deming should be in my rearview mirrors tomorrow morning. Seminole should be my home in early October. I enjoy going down to the Pecos River from there.

    1. I really enjoy Seminole peaceful.....Did they have the Rim Trail open the last time you where there?....this trip was the first time I noticed it....great hike...Enjoy and safe travels...Horst