Friday, April 6, 2012

Murphy's Law....more or less

I'm a day let me recap...there is a story here....Wednesday started off with flying colors...up at 0600, got a cup of java, sat out and watched the sun as it woke up and searching for a plan was to do the Willow City Loop.....about a 30 mile loop, of which 14 or so miles goes through private land owned by several ranchers...From Burnet I headed south on us 281 until I came to Ranch Rd 1323...which was almost back to Johnson City...Headed west another 25 miles and then start the adventure...It was a sunny morning..the bluebonnets and other wildflowers where at its peak and very abundant...not so much as fields but rather large sections by the roadside.....which presented problems in terms of pullouts.....the other restriction...or so I thought, was signs every few hundred yards not get out of your auto...private property, etc....after a few miles it became apprenent that no one was paying attention to those I fell in with the rest of the crowd...which where mostly AARPS like me.....The trip took the better part of 4 hours and I had a magnificent time...met and chatted with a lot of numerous hints from some professional photographers...and most important was given the name of a GREAT German eatery....

Horst Kelly photographer
After eating a SUPER Brat and having a "Dunkel Bier", I headed back to the camp the time I got back it was time for dinner so I grilled a salmon, salad, and french bread sounded like  the ticket....little did I know this was akin to having ordered my last meal.....Its now about the time that this trip took a nose dive.....Ahhhh, life's little speed wouldn't be a adventure without them....After dinner I decide to go to the Lake area...only a short walk and take some photo's of blue bonnets in the last bit of the "golden Hour".....I set up my camera, push the shutter release button....nothing happens...I go through the drill again....and again, still northing....I resort to reading the manual...nothing.....I go on line and find out this has been a problem with certain models of nikon camera......I call Tech services, spend 45 minutes with them..couldn't get the problem fixed......I've only had the camera 11 days....and for those of you that have been reading the blog will remember, I postponed my trip by a week to buy a new camera as the old one was about to bite the dust and I didn't want to be in the middle of nowhere with no photo much for that solution....

The good news is I'm only 140 or so miles from home, so Thursday morning at "O dark Thirty" I head home, get their at 1000 hours, exchange my camera gear...BTW it was there last one.....the Photo Gods are with me.....go home unpack the box and by noon I kiss my Bride and I'm back on the road.....when I got back to camp I was way to tired to do any Photo ops, so I tried to get on line and do this no avail......If someone knows how I could to do this offline and then post...I'm all 3g smartphone service is really slow...don't know if anyone has connected on to this network(hacked on to my system)...if thats even possible..

Posting photo's is even the one above will have to suffice for now..anyway, its now about 0600 Friday morning and I'm getting ready to head out for a 50 mile journey south, then west for some photo ops....I hope.....Gentlemen...start your engines....Horst sends

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