Wednesday, June 20, 2018

As Yogi Berra said... "The future ain’t what it used to be."

Yes its been two months...….but its two months I won't  soon forget... I think I left you when I had returned from my Bluebonnet trip and preparing for a trip to Florida and then to the East Coast to see the Gkids, Daughter and SIL....Will we made it to Destin, Fl....I noticed the Bride was not walking very well and going up stairs was a struggle...I wanted her to go to the ER, but she insisted it was just due to weight gain and not exercising...after two days and her not improving the decision was made to return home and see her physician....after arriving home, she said she felt somewhat better and wanted a "wait and see" before calling her Doctor...A couple days later, she fell trying to stand up, due to a lack of muscle strength and I called EMS....
(c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer

I'll skip all the details, but say she ended up in ICU for several days and then hospital and then Physical Rehabilitation  Inpatient Facility...Things were touch and go for a while and by all medical accounts she is very fortunate  to be here today. My prayers were answered and I will say the folks in ICU were truly Guardian Angels as was the staff at the Physical  Rehab Facility. The care she received was second to was like she was their only patient. Not something you find to often these days.

The Bride is now back home and  keeps improving by leaps and bounds...Its been too hot to do much outside, so other than an early morning walk, I mainly stay indoors trying to stay out of trouble. I did buy a new vehicle prior to the Destin trip...The Xterra had managed to accumulate 165000 + miles, and though nothing was going wrong, I thought it best to not push my luck. I ended up with a Dodge Ram 1500 Truck, Quad cab, 5.7 Hemi. I look forward to it towing the Armadillo on many  adventures in the future.
(c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer..Destin Fl.

Well folks, I'll leave you with this short update and go to reading some Blogs, especially enjoying EggRolling  Jerry and Wanda's trip north to Alaska...Give them a look, I think you just might get envious! :))
(c)2018 Horst Kelly Photographer..Destin, Fl.

Until next time, enjoy life...Horst sends

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Another Memorable Trip

(c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer
It been almost a week since I returned from my camping trip to Lake Somerville in search of Bluebonnets...and what a terrific adventure it was. First, let me say Lake Somerville State Park is a great park. It was only about a third operational do to mass flooding 2 years ago and they have done a outstanding job in getting things up and running. The campground is wooded with the majority of the current sites being back in type. They have a picnic table, fire pit with grill, water and electric and wooded space between sites. The staff is very friendly, informative and professional,  no Wi-Fi, however my Verizon cell worked fine.  During the week the Park was pretty empty...the weekend, pretty much filled up. Mostly fishing enthusiasts. Met some fantastic folks, had some relaxing fireside chats...good stuff!
(c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer

The lake has two campgrounds, the one  I stayed at is on the north side(Birch Creek) and the other one( Nails Creek CG) is more on the western tip of the lake. I spent the day there hiking and enjoying the scenery...Between the two CG's there are numerous trails....

Bluebonnets where not as prevalent as compared to previous years and must locations it was hard to pull over and get good shots.  I was mainly looking for  unique photo compositions....and at the end of the day, photo's or not it was a super trip. It is a place I will return to.
(c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer

My "training" on my large format camera was marginal at best...It does slow you down and the checklist is longer than an airplane's pre-fight list.  There are so many opportunities to screw up an exposure, and I think I managed to hit all of them..If 10 percent of my shots are exposed I will feel it was a success. Looking back it was a satisfying experience and one I will keep trying.

(c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer
Since my return, the dermatologist has practiced his surgical skills on me by doing some whittling on my back  which amounted to  8 or so stiches,  I am somewhat limited on my lifting, bending, sweating,  exercising,  etc...which in turn has given me opportunity to sit and cruise eBay and Amazon each day looking for things I don't need. :)) Also am nailing down the trip East(no camper), which will be happening soon.

It was a great time...great weather, great hiking, Great new Friendships, , great grilling, solitude and a few awesome sunsets...Life is Good!!!!

I have posted some photo's of the trip and other photo's on my website, so if you are interested click here... Bluebonnets   Until  next time.... Horst sends

(c)2018Horst Kelly Photography...Lake Somerville sunset.....

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter....My Egg is Rolling!!

The stars have all  lined up
...All is pretty stable on the Homefront and so I thought  a quick trip to Lake Somerville, Texas would be just the ticket. Only for a week or so take a few Bluebonnet photo's, practice on my new old film camera and relax...washed the camper, got provisions, charged all the batteries for laptop, phone, camera, packed some clothes, checked the tires, set the GPS for Northeast....and away we go......

An Egg


Food.....smell not included

Image result for steak and beer on a campfire


Image result for steak and beer on a campfire


Image result for campfire

Mix all that up in a pot of Enthusiasm and you got yourself a face full of smiles....and memories, Just saying....This Old Man is outa here! Happy Easter.....Horst sends

Sunday, March 25, 2018


...Its March, I haven't gone on any trips...I thought I would be able to put a trip together to venture to the Alabama Hills, Ca. in Jan/Feb, but that didn't work out...Thought maybe a short trip to the Monahan Sand Dunes in West Texas....Nope, didn't happen, neither did Big Bend or a trip to the Coast....of course there are good reasons for not going.......
(c)2017Horst Kelly Photographer

I may still be able to take a short trip north to get some time with the Bluebonnets, then a planned non camping trip to Florida and South Carolina.....Time will tell
(c)2017Horst Kelly Photographer

The problem when I have idle time is I get on Ebay, just to see what people are selling, never to buy. Ha... As much fortitude and self- restraint I have,at the end of the day I bought stuff....yup, camera stuff. I did sell my medium format camera on Craig's list...someone drove down from Ft Worth to buy the camera and lens...first day I listed I have no guilt feelings about buying stuff on Ebay.  :))
Wista 45 large format film camera ..Horst Kelly photographer

I decided to buy a large format camera and stuff that you need to get to go with it...I've always been interested in that medium, but never had the patience, but I though I'd give it a try...the appealing feature about this camera is that I can get various backs and also use a roll film slider....its like still having a medium format, plus the 4x5 and all the neat stuff you can do with this platform. I went out and tested it the other day to back sure it was light tight and everything is 50 years or so old....all worked fine, I was able to scan two negatives and stich them together...mega pixels...yup this is what happens you have bad weather, no honey do lists and way to much idle time....
(c)2017Horst Kelly photographer

I do need to do some work on the Casita...would like to redo the Battery bank, and get two 6 volt batteries, plus I found a stand to fit over the propane tanks at Etrailer...which is where I would like to relocate the generator and use the back platform for the Battery bank. Need to do some more research on weight distribution, etc...
Fits on Tongue over Propane tanks....Photo by Etrailer
Other than  a few odds and ends, not much has been happening at this end...I have been keeping up with my Blog reading and getting envious of all the terrific places folks are going...I figure my turn is coming soon!
(c)2017HorstKelly Photographer

Until the next time keep following your Dreams and catching a sunrise or three.  Horst sends
(c)2017HorstKelly Photographer

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Celebrating the First Sunrise of 2018--Happy New Year !.......or Happy New From Frigid S. Texas...27 degree's and Droppimg

As I sit here and reflect on the past 12 months.... it may seem as one of little activity compared to past years....and in the way of adventures with the Casita, or Grandkids, or multiple trips up to Kansas City and Charleston, etc, it was kinda benign. Though I did take The Albino Armadillo(Ms Casita) on two short  trips...which I thoroughly enjoyed....and we did go to Kansas City and attend the wedding of one of our Daughters...which in itself made this a very memorable year.
(c)Horst Kelly Photographer..Sunrise Monument Valley, Sept  2015

More important is that it was a year that was good to us in terms of health, agility, mobility,  and so many more blessings..The Children and Grandkids are doing well  in all respects, our Friends are well. Yes we are doing better than "just fine".......sure there where speedbumps this year that slowed us down or caused us to change direction, but that seems to  continually occur, Its called ageing....and as long as I can put one foot in front of the other and can call it "walking", I'm happy... and the good news is, it hasn't yet changed our life or lifestyle...
(c)2017Horst Kelly Photographer, Moonrise...Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse, Lake Powell, Page Az Sept 2015

Instead of  celebrating the last sunset of 2017...I am elated to be able to witness and celebrate the first sunrise and moonrise of 2018...with that I close and  share one of my favorite photo's of each.....To all of my Blogging Friends, I wish the Coming Year be Filled with Good Health, New and Exciting Adventures...and much Joy....Thanks for stopping By!  Horst sends

...........and one more "reminder" why it is that all of us love this Lifestyle!

(c)Horst Kelly Photographer....The Perfect Sunrise...You just know its going to be a GREAT Day

Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Very Merry Christmas to Each of You and Your Famlies

Its getting late... I'm winding down and since I haven't had my eggnog for the evening , I thought I would write a little and sip a little and  wish all my Blogging Friends a Merry Christmas.  I will do my annual recap later on next week when things have settled down.

This evening as I sat staring at the Christmas Tree, my mind wondered back to my early years. The first several Christmas' of my life where spent in a German village called Garmisch- Partenkirchen. Its situated in the Bavaria region of Southern Germany.
Image result for garmisch partenkirchen

It has the highest mountain peak in Germany and to me it holds some of my fondest memories as a small child....It is majestic in its painted murals  on houses, alpine lakes, ancient churches. Its where I took my first hikes with my Grandfather(Opi),  learned to ski, skate, swim and climb a mountain or two. Its memory is a place I always go to when I need to be grounded or want some mental solitude.

In the late 1990's  I went back there to visit.  The first time in 40 years since I had visited and was trying to show my Bride where I lived and the school I had attended, etc.  It   was an overcast day and foggy.  I could not find those landmarks...We went back several days later, a clear day and in a few minutes I was standing in front of the old home and the school...It hit me that the surrounding Mountains had always been my go to reference points( my internal GPS ) and once I saw where I was in relation to the mountains I could find my way to wherever I wanted to go.  It was a great visit that brought back some terrific memories.

Image result for garmisch-partenkirchen germany during christmas

OK...back to reality..Oh....thanks for listening.  Since it was suppose to turn cold for the next couple days and too supplement the Christmas feast, I thought I could make some good old Texas Chili... Something to snack on in-between the regular Christmas snacking...So we had some this evening..not bad and I'm sure it will taste even better tomorrow for lunch. Tomorrow hopefully will be relaxing as there isn't much to do...maybe a last minute run for some obscure item that we now need....Other than that its waiting for old St Nick to come visit....

So from our Home to Yours...we wish each of you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas or as we say in German, "fröhliche Weihnachten"...Horst sends

 A song we use to sing at Christmas time:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Santa's Helper aka the Fetch it Man

Thought I'd get a post out before Christmas...The recent "Big" event here was the Grand snow "storm" of 2017...though it was nowhere near what Jerry and Wanda of EggRolling experienced....It was the first time since 1985 that anyone saw snow flakes in this neck of the woods. Depending on where you live there was anywhere from 2 to 4 inches that stuck to the ground...well until about 10 am the  next day...I did have my snow shovel "on call"...I guess it will now go back in service as my leaf pick er upper. Unlike the Blizzard Jerry had, ours was more of a "Flizzard"...or something like that.
Impact of Storm of 2017...Back yard

We are in full swing in gearing up for the arrival of Santa....The mantel has stocking hung, the Christmas tree is getting the final touches, candle lights in the windows are almost all up.....wish lists have been updated, hints are being thrown out on a continuous basis, Christmas decorations are being placed on everything that doesn't move, the smell of sugar dough is bellowing from the kitchen, eggnog  is being made and tested(sampling takes a long time) and left over Halloween candy is being snacked on, I always buy 3 or 4 bags too many....go figure! ....and before you know it, the calendar will read 2 January 2018 and the scale will show  I've put on 10+ extra pounds....'tis the season. and the memories made....priceless!
(c)2017Horst Kelly...Back yard of my campsite

(c)Horst Kelly...and sunset from Campsite

(c)2017HorstKelly...By the Main Highway near CG
(c) more 

I suppose I better leave it at that...too busy to write a long Blog....I'm hearing "Horst, fetch me this...can you get me that...need you to make a run to Target and stop by HEB" I'm thinking folks will be to busy to read a long I leave you with mostly sunset photo's from my recent trip...and the impact of the snow storm...Happy Trails...Horst sends
(c)2017HorstKelly...Close to Home

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Trip Recap.....Happy Thanksgiving

I just arrived back home...just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving.
(c)2017Horst Kelly Photographer
What a wonderful  and relaxing time I had the past 10 days or became secondary, hiking the trails and experiencing the magnificent sights and sounds of  B A Steinhagen Resevoir   was my main priority . It was a serene experience...and one I hope to return to.  The two camping grounds where totally different was mainly in a "Slough" while Sandy Creek(CoE) was on the open Lake.  Enjoyed both immensely...Martin Dies State park was empty in the section I was in for the entire week...just the Vol Host...however  I was told that on the weekend it was be filled to capacity. I left Friday for Sandy Creek and stayed there until Monday... My spot was site 23 right on the "stickout" neighbors to my left, just water and Cyprus Trees and a site on my right, but down a ways...noone in that site until Sunday evening ....
(c)2017Horst Kelly Photographer

Though not my usual two plus months to the West, I did enjoy this trip and the location was just "what the Doctor ordered" ...For me I think Spring and Fall are probably the best times to be there...they do have birding activities...lots of canoes and kayaks, which you can also rent..I didn't go, as I forgot to bring my waterproof packs for the camera gear. There will be a next time.

Before I close out this post, I want to give a Congratulations to Jerry and Wanda of Eggrolling Blog... Their Granddaughter just got married...and what a great Tribute Jerry did...Check it out by clicking  EggRolling
(c)2017Horst Kelly photographer

I wish all of you  a very Happy Thanksgiving...and may this holiday week bring lots of Peace, Love and Joy with Friends and Family...and don't forget to invite a "Turkey"...Horst sends

Remember our troops that are not able to be with Family this year...

Image result for soldier having thanksgiving in the field