Wednesday, June 20, 2018

As Yogi Berra said... "The future ain’t what it used to be."

Yes its been two months...….but its two months I won't  soon forget... I think I left you when I had returned from my Bluebonnet trip and preparing for a trip to Florida and then to the East Coast to see the Gkids, Daughter and SIL....Will we made it to Destin, Fl....I noticed the Bride was not walking very well and going up stairs was a struggle...I wanted her to go to the ER, but she insisted it was just due to weight gain and not exercising...after two days and her not improving the decision was made to return home and see her physician....after arriving home, she said she felt somewhat better and wanted a "wait and see" before calling her Doctor...A couple days later, she fell trying to stand up, due to a lack of muscle strength and I called EMS....
(c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer

I'll skip all the details, but say she ended up in ICU for several days and then hospital and then Physical Rehabilitation  Inpatient Facility...Things were touch and go for a while and by all medical accounts she is very fortunate  to be here today. My prayers were answered and I will say the folks in ICU were truly Guardian Angels as was the staff at the Physical  Rehab Facility. The care she received was second to was like she was their only patient. Not something you find to often these days.

The Bride is now back home and  keeps improving by leaps and bounds...Its been too hot to do much outside, so other than an early morning walk, I mainly stay indoors trying to stay out of trouble. I did buy a new vehicle prior to the Destin trip...The Xterra had managed to accumulate 165000 + miles, and though nothing was going wrong, I thought it best to not push my luck. I ended up with a Dodge Ram 1500 Truck, Quad cab, 5.7 Hemi. I look forward to it towing the Armadillo on many  adventures in the future.
(c)2018Horst Kelly Photographer..Destin Fl.

Well folks, I'll leave you with this short update and go to reading some Blogs, especially enjoying EggRolling  Jerry and Wanda's trip north to Alaska...Give them a look, I think you just might get envious! :))
(c)2018 Horst Kelly Photographer..Destin, Fl.

Until next time, enjoy life...Horst sends


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  2. Horst,we are so sorry to hear about your wife's medical issues. We truly hope she continues to improve and can get back into a routine that she is comfortable with and can put this incident behind her.
    A kudos to you on the purchase of the Ram truck, I know you will enjoy riding and towing in that truck. Take care my friend and hope you and your wife have a healthy and happy rest of the summer.

    1. Thank you Guys...She keeps improving and getting stronger every day...So far I am enjoying the Ram, and can't wait to hitch the old Casita up and take them both for a spin around the Country! Take care Buddy and enjoy the new Pup and your summer adventure...Horst sends

  3. Sooo...sorry to read of the bride's medical issues. Glad things are looking up. Looking forward to seeing pic's of the new truck. I know you're going to love it. Thanks for the kind words. Wish you were up here to capture the many things we are experiencing...jc

    1. Thanks Buddy...One day at a time. I am enjoying my ew Toy(truck)...Though its itching to hitch up the Casita and show me what it can do. :)) I am enjoying your guys adventure..mosquito nets and all. and I also wish I was traveling with you Guys...Safe Travels my Friend. Horst sends