Saturday, September 23, 2017

I am Breathing and there is Movement

It has been 3 months since the last post...I am one of those folks who has not been able to pen out a post lately... for whatever reason....I have not been busy, nor lazy, nor bored with the prospect of writing a post...what it is a mystery to me. But as they say, "What is, is"
(c)2017 Horstkelly photography..From an earlier trip to  Skyline
Drive in Virginia

I do think I've had a motivational lapse due to knowing I wasn't going to go on a 2 or 3 month trip this summer/fall. Due to the heat taking my planned short week or less trips around the State didn't pan out...I did do some "Driveway Camping" and rationalized it as testing systems in the Casita. :))
(c)2017Horst Kelly Photography...Million Dollar Highway, Colorado
I liked the knife "initial" carving in the Aspen
Small town Texas

4 Corners at No Where Texas
I have done some short outings when the heat was under 100, or did it before 10 am...took several photo's...went to various small, almost ghost towns...kinda interesting... played with my medium format camera. I can't wait to travel to the Southwest and fire off several Black and White rolls of film.  Maybe next Spring!
Of Days Gone By...left with Memories

Near San Antonio...10 stop filter used..playing around
Small town Texas...if photos could talk....

I wonder if it had a soda fountain....
I had to chuckle at this "Handicap parking space" the
Middle of nowhere....
I'm waiting for the sun to go down.... 

We have been occupied with Hurricane  Harvey, the Storms that impacted Charleston SC(Gkids live) and the upcoming wedding of twin number 2 in Kansas City next month...don't get me started.  Ok, give me a Margarita or three  and I'll bend your ear. :)) We'll be going up there soon, spend a week or so and maybe take a side trip on our way back...I wouldn't mind going to  Eureka Springs in Arkansas and it should be nice this time of year. When we get back, and if the temps have dropped I think I'll hitch up the Casita and  go up to the Northeast part of Texas for a week or so....try to capture some Fall colors at Caddo Lake, Lost Maples or even head West to Guadalupe Mountains...was thinking of going to the Coast, but Harvey got there first and its still a mess. We'll see.

(c)2017Horst Kelly Photographer

(c)2017 Horst Kelly Photographer...
Taken at Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, Tx.  Great place to visit.
Plenty of shops and Restaurants...
.Hopefully I'll get a post off before Christmas(haha)....take care and safe travels. Horst sends


  1. Hello my friend. I feel your pain, laziness, lack of motivation, etc. I haven't done a post since sometime the end of July. That being said, I hope to catch the blog up one day soon. Like all of your photos. The b&w take me back to my childhood. Love the Carpenter drug store. The waterfall ones are absolutely stunning.

    1. Thanks for compliments on the photo's...The Drug store takes me back also, I worked at a Rexall Drug store a year or so. Congratulations on your new Casita...I'm kinda looking a another camper...keeps my mind occupied. :)) Take care and safe travels...Horst sends

  2. Hey there friend. Sometimes writing a blog just isn't easy and motivation lacks in all of us...It is good reading your blog and keeping in touch with you that way. I really like your waterfall pics...they are incredible and very serene, and I know you are enjoying that new camera. I bet you are ready to really put it to work and have fun with it.
    Right now we are planning a trip to San Antonio in February, so maybe we can cross paths.
    Take care my blogging friend....

    1. Thanks for stopping by Guys...You seem to be having a magnificent time this summer, I'm enjoying following your adventures!! Appreciate the compliments on the waterfall..I do enjoy getting out and trying new stuff. Crossing Paths would be great! Take care my Friend and keep enjoying life to its fullest! Horst sends