Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Reflective Babblings.....and Camera Stuff

Looked at the Calendar and its just about mid June...... I've been busy, but not very productive....and then I've had more self inflicted aliments and wounds and have no idea how they happened...the outcome has been a series of stitches, crutches, toenail removals, physical therapy...and other sundry Bodily fix it stuff. But I'm still breathing and that means moving...so all is well.
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As I recall I was going to write about the increase of visitors in our Parks here in Texas and the impact that was causing. Well, the more time I had reflecting on the issue, the less self righteous I became and the more I came to grips with the reality that more folks are enjoying the outdoors....

The only concern that still lingers is I see a decrease in the "carry in carry out" concept...more stuff on the ground.....      empty waters bottles, papers, soda and beer cans, cigarette butts, increase in noise pollution of all kinds, and sometimes less consideration of the person(s) in the adjacent campsite, and the like. Having said that, I think its a good thing that more people want to be one with nature and explore this great country,  and by the way I can still find numerous places that are isolated...I just have to explore more. :))

I was being a selfish old curmudgeon ...Look at the Crowds attempting to summit Mt Everest each season....Now that's a real problem.

As I said I have been busy, it just doesn't show...For one, I've been attentively sitting at my computer and bidding on Camera gear on Ebay... :)) and I ended up buying a new medium format camera and a spot meter.  The camera weighs in at a hefty 8+ pounds, and then you need to have a sturdy(which equals heavy) tripod...which means I'm not in that line that's trying to scale Mt. Everest. I have shot 3 rolls and am waiting to see the results and make sure that there are no light leaks or other stuff wrong with the camera. It is in mint condition so I would be surprised if anything is not working correctly. Plus its all mechanical... no batteries..its modular. comes completely apart, and no "priority setting" to tell it what to do....

So why go that route with a camera, when you can buy a digital that does soooo much more and will give you a perfect photo....For me its the same reason folks are enjoying geocaching, woodworking, playing a dulcimer, cooking great dishes, quilting, building houses, extreme hiking...cross word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and the list goes on....to keep the mind and body active...it beats going to planet fitness....well maybe not. :)) I enjoy the slowness of the approach, the decisions I have to make(not the camera)on the  manual setting of aperture and speed based on the reflective lightening, the manual focus, the composition, and the waiting for the result...for me its a relaxing and personal event where you get one shot at doing it right and doing it "not so right" makes you want to go out and concentrate even more the next chance you give yourself. In the fast pace world of instinct gratification and feedback, I enjoy the slow and deliberate process of this method of photography....Now don't get me wrong, I haven't turned into a Monk and gone off to some Tibetan Village in the Himalayans....I still need and enjoy fast food and quick fixes....bottom line I still carry my digital camera with all its "whistles and bells" with me every time I go out to shoot.
Have my  images improved, probably not, but like the camping experience, when they say its the journey more than it is the destination. Well that is kinda how it is with this slower process of film photography....at least for me, and my enjoyment has increased ...and that my friends is the bottom line for me.

I have rambled on long enough, I'll close and leave you with some  photos and also my website has some new stuff for 2017.
Speaking of adventures, I hoping to take one to the Coast or to the Jasper, Texas area in the next 3 or 4 weeks...Camping, relaxing, and just enjoying being out...Ahhh


     Have a terrific summer and Happy Trails, wherever that Journey may take you. Horst sends

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