Thursday, September 29, 2016

Next Right for Some R&R...

Got up bright and early, made coffee and waited for there to be a little light..hitched up and then tried to get my last post to publish…kept knocking me off last night..I guessing too many folks on the internet getting info about the Debate….3rd try this morning(Tuesday) and away it flew…and reappeared in blogger land.
Vermillion Cliffs By CG...(c)2016HorstKelly Photographer

About 0800 I started heading over to Konrads place….. arrived almost on the button at 0900…what a nice  Guy….If you are ever in the area, even if you don’t  need work done, he’d be happy to have you stop and chat a while and compare notes.
Spent a good 2+ hours chatting and working….as with Larry Gamble, Konrad had no problem with me watching and seeing how he does “stuff” and he explained as he went along…I also bought 3 of the short shelves….…he got in all put together, checked it and then came the moment of truth…Mmmm my frig did not go to  the electric current, AC would not start…perplexed…Konrad tested everything…nothing…just for grins I hooked up my extension for the 30amp has a light that comes on when connected with shore power…nothing…this indicated that it must be  something with the outside connection, nothing wrong with the converter…sure enough, he had a blown fuse in his garage…Bingo we had live current…not so fast, now we had a problem with outlets and lights…looked like maybe the GFCI outlet went bad….no problem, I’ll get a knew one…it now works…
Storm Highway 89a(c)2016Horstkelly Photogapher

So finally, all was well with the world..I hitched up .said our goodbyes and I’m ready for my next adventure North…to the North Rim…plugged in my 7 prong connection to the Xterra…nothing comes on, no lights on the trailer, brake controller is dead, etc…By now I am sure this trip has been jinxed by some voodoo person sticking pins into a “Casita doll” …He did some checking on the plug, and no current running through…I look for a fuse..we open up both boxes and can’t find any for that function…I see 2 wires running directly to the battery with a inline fuse attached,,we check..dead..I have a large box of assortment of fuses, replace the dead one and bingo..all is finally right with the World again…By this time Konard says “go” before something else goes wrong…we both have a good laugh and I pull away….

……I  make it to the Flagstaff area and call it a day….straighten up the camper, grill some steaks, Have a Moose Drool or was it two? I sit putting things in order, I read the invoice and notice I short changed Konrad by 85 cents…the final insult for the day…I do write him an email and let him know I just noticed my sin and will rectify post haste….

Camp site(c)2016Horstkelly Photographer

28 Sept….My destination today was North Rim…the weather was suspect, but I ventured on…It was drizzling at Flagstaff area when I left…but cleared up…toped off my propane tanks and off I went on US 89 north….nice drive, not too busy…looking forward to a little R&R….got off onto 89A and as I looked towards the direction of North Rim, it really looked ugly…so the weather folks used a good model this time…I kept going,  but it only got worse…so I decided to go to Marble Canyon…there is a no hookup campground right above the Colorado River…I had driven through there a couple years ago and kept it filed in my memory bank, plus the Vermillion Cliffs are there, Page is pretty close and the Rim is only 85 miles away…

Got here not many folks, I got a site overlooking the Colorado,,,you can hear it rushing down stream…R&R is about to start…somewhat overcast but my solar was still doing a good job and along with my new converter I was home free..temps low 80’s tonight mid 50’s..perfect…got out the Barbie, called the Bride…yup there is cell coverage….so far.
Colorado River Living(c)2016Horst Kelly Photographer

I am now signing off…will try to upload this tomorrow sometime  and more to follow in the coming days…Thanks for stopping By…Horst sends…..He-Ha….yippie-ki-ya!!!!

P.S,  I Big THANK YOU to Konrad for all the great  work an patience!!!

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