Thursday, September 15, 2016

I'm Ready for a Campfire and a Flat Iron Steak...and Maybe a Moose Drool

Yippie-ki-ya...or something like that....The final countdown has began, T-36...close enough.  I plan on launching Saturday morning at first light..heading due West....hopefully the storms will have "fizzled" by that time. First night Ft Stockton night somewhere in the Cloudcroft NM area...depending on what Mother Nature is dishing out at the time...Then North to the Abiquiu Reservoir (CoE) CG...from there it depends on weather...would like to head to Bryce and all the great places in between...or maybe head north from Deming up the Million Dollar Highway....and of course spend time in Utah, New Mexico and Arizona...It will be fun to see how this trip unfolds...
Canyonlands (c)2014Horst Kelly Photographer  

I didn't accomplish  all that I had planned for the camper....I wanted to place the new generator on the tongue, reconfigure my battery bank to two 6 volt golf-cart batteries and place on the rear basket(where the Boliy Generator) was... just didn't have the time.....I tested the new Smarter Tools 2000iq invertor generator and it does run the AC. .. The solar panels are working great, that was a good investment...imho. Washed and waxed the camper..though I need to strip it to be bone. and make it look new again...maybe Springtime. All systems seem to be in order and I am ready for a new adventure(s).

If anyone has any suggestions on places to stop or things to do, photo ops, etc....I'm all "ears"....I'll keep this short...still have some packing to do and the usual last minute post Launch Day, or there abouts...Horst sends
Kansas City Thanksgiving (c)Horst Kelly Photographer


  1. Just arrived home yesterday. Picked up a few Moose Drool along the way. Looking forward to reading all about your latest travels. I know you're going to visit some fantastic locations and take lots of beautiful pictures.

  2. Thanks Jerry...I'm looking forward to it...Wish the stars had aligned and we could have met up...Safe travels my Friend...Horst sends

  3. Loved the Canyonlands's still on our wish list.
    May the weather gods be travels!

    1. Thanks Lynne...My 1st day on the road...need to do a post..Ft Stockton Tx...Its Great to be in my Casita, enjoying the adventure...hope all is going well with you and David...Are you Guys back yet? Take care and safe Journey..Horst sends