Tuesday, September 27, 2016

If You want to See The Country...You Need to Travel Down Country Roads

My stay at Rockhound State has come to an end…great visit..though the Last night(Saturday 26 th) the wind came whipping down the Mountain like a Tsunami hitting the shore….no the Casita did not “rock be into a slumber”…..I think the Markers Mark did that!
Sunrise at Roosevelt Lake(c)2016Horstkelly photographer

Sunday morning I rolled out of the Park at 0715….headed West for a while and then caught US70 north.  stayed on 70 for a few hours..its just a 2 lane for most of the way, and my 55mph weren’t making me too many friends…pulled over whenever possible. got to Globe Az and made a  couple loop de loops and stated heading north on Az 88/189.

Then I started gaining altitude and  dropping it into third gear . What a magnificent ride…I only wish there where places to pull over..no photos..   : (

Now I understand why I enjoy the Southwest…it keeps surprising me with knew  and terrific vistas. I entered the Tonto National Forest and knew there had to be some great boondocking campsites…and there was…toooooo many! and the cost per night was a 8 dollar pass…my fist choice was one right on the beach of Roosevelt Lake…I got down there found a open space and parked…opened the door and windows an sat just staring at the views and then it hit me…rotten fish,  now don’t get me wrong…I love fish, I cleaned them, scaled them, etc…but week old  dead fish rotting on the shore…not so much. oh well, there are plenty of other places and I found one..up on a high knoll overlooking the Lake, treed, pretty level spots and quite…I only saw one other camper…no hooks of course , but flush toilets and sink.
Roosevelt Lake campground(c)Horstkelly Photographer

 So I stayed there Sunday night…and got a super nights sleep. and was rolling the last 100 or so miles to Konrad's  Place…but it was a ride…mountains, mountains and more mountains….couple or more passes…..at least for me they where. But as I said magnificent scenery.
Found a place to spend the night  at Camp Verde, Let Konrad know I had arrived in one piece…Will see him at 0900 to put on a new converter(bottom half) on Tuesday and then its off to the races due North…

Where you say, The North Rim of the Grand Canyon…weather permitting of course…never have been there and I will make it this year…couple years ago I couldn’t due to landslide..
Campsite Roosevelt Lake....Its the memories

I may have hit  couple of “speed bumps”…but this trip has been enjoyable and taken me to places I have never seen and sure hadn’t planned on seeing them on this trip….but then that what these adventures are all about …to experience and enjoy the unexpected…..Ahhhh, that box of chocolates…  does have some super fillings…..Until next time Horst sends


  1. Blue highways! The best ones. Hopefully by now all your problems are behind you and you will have good weather for the rest of your journey.

    1. Blue Highways.....need to keep that a secret...don't wan't those scenic roads "cluttered" up with folks. :))

      I am in a true relaxing mode...weather sucks..doesn't look good for North Rim or Bryce...will wait another day or so...The good thing is there is always another terrific place to go to, take care Buddy...Horst sends