Sunday, September 4, 2016

Final more Piddling

Its been a while....Appears "piddling" got out of hand.   I had planned to leave for this years Autumn adventure NLT 6 Sept.....but I still have stuff around here that needs attention..My Daughter from Charleston just left after a super visit,plus a couple more Doctors to probe and prod. I have done some stuff with the Xterra and the Casita...
Glacier NP...(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

On the Xterra I decided to build a simple platform to double the space available for taking stuff...Its not that I will take more, but rather to keep it organized and not looking like a dump...with getting my solar panels and putting my spare Casita tire back there, its gotten somewhat unruly....So I got a piece of plywood had it ripped ....One board will be on the bottom with some sliders and a handle so I can pull it forward to reach whatever I need. The second piece of plywood is elevated 13 inches, screw in wooden legs used, for easy disassembling. ...The down side is when I go to hitch up I can't see the hitch and tongue of the camper any longer.... I didn't want to invest in a $100+ backup camera that I would only use for my trips...
Mesa Verde area...(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

As I was pondering that dilemma, I found a cheap way to use a tablet/smartphone as a remote device for my camera...several apps have come on the market that allows for you to change the settings remotely, as well as work the shutter...I tried several out and found one to my liking(Android app)  and it works pretty darn well. It beats paying 300 dollars for the "CamRanger" system of remote solutions and does about the same least at my amateur level of photography and is a 8 dollar app. If your camera doesn't have "in camera" WiFi capability you need to get a "on the go" USB cable...runs about 3-5 bucks.  that cable can be used for a multitude of different applications....and as I pondered I thought of my back up camera problem .

Montana(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

So I was thinking about this "on the go" cable and thought maybe it could work with a cheap old webcam ...I knew there were apps for a smartphone or tablet available ....long story short, I had a extra "stand alone" webcam that was still in the box, placed it on my bumper, attached a 8 foot long male/female USB cord to my "on the go" USB and attached that to my smart phone, opened the app, no other wires, cables or hookups...Bingo, it worked....I am not naive or vain enough to think I "invented " this...I am sure a million other folks thought of it before I did, I guess I need to check that out....but it sure works and my engineer friend keeps shaking his head in disbelief..  :)) A bonus about this setup is unlike "real ones", when you get out of reverse it turns off...this of  course doesn' if you want to check it every now and then to make sure all is secure back there, you can do that while driving down the road.
KC Zoo(c)HorstKelly Photographer

I also sold my Boily 3600 inverter generator. Since I have gotten a smaller air conditioner I didn't need that 80 lb served me well, never had a problem and ran any load I put on it.  I was about to get a Honda 2000 when I saw a Smarter Tools 2000IQ inverter for 599 at Costco..It came with good reviews and with Costco's generous "return policy" I figured I couldn't go wrong...So far so good, The noise level is advertised as 51Db at econ. setting, I'm Running the "break in" period....when that's completed I'll test the AC....keeping my fingers crossed..if it sputters, I'll return it and get the Honda.

Schulenburg, Tx Church(c)Horst Kelly Photographer
Schulenburg, Tx(c)Horst Kelly Photography

Schulenburg, Tx(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

I'm getting things organized in the Casita...I now have high hopes of a 13/14 Sept Launch.....heading towards New Mexico, then north to Colorado. I'm looking forward to this trip...will try to again have the mindset I had last year...its a camping and relaxing  trip with photo ops as a lesser priority.  I've not set any specific locations and will let "Mother Nature" dictate where I go. ...and maybe I'll run into some of you. That would be a treat..

I'll close for now...Wishing each of you a Relaxing Labor Day ... and hoping all you folks on the South and East Coast are doing fine(Hurricane) update will be just prior to Lift Off... Horst sends

2013 Tetons....My Pot of Gold(c)Horst Kelly Photographer


  1. Love your pot of gold!
    Wish we were not heading back to Tennessee this week...would have loved having our paths cross.
    Happy trails!

    1. It would have been great to share a campfire a evening or two...I just couldn't make my orginal launch happen...oh well hopefully next time. BTW saw your latest Blog post...GREAT sunset photo's and neat campsites...Safe travels Horst sends