Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day One is History....

Was  up at about 0530 this morning getting the last few chores accomplished before pulling out of the driveway...By 0800 had finished all the checking and rechecking..meds..yup, tire pressure...yup, food in the frig ..yup, walk around...and then relaxing with my Bride until 0840...and then it was "Hi Ho Silver Away".....well close enough...I am heading west, one of the few times I have been on the Interstate the entire day.....going 55-60 mph in a 80 mph speed zone..  :))
Campground Ft Stockton, Tx(c)2016Horst Kelly Photographer

After Junction, Tx things are few and far the plan was somewhere between Ft Stockton, Tx....and Van Horn....but then I had a hiccup! l-10 went down to one lane going west...they had posted warnings, I slowed down to 40 and all of a sudden hit a dip(without any highway warning signs)..  :((    I believe it sent the camper airborne...ok maybe not, but it did bounce the rear of it plus the tires...I could only imagine what the inside looked like...first time I could pull over was about 50 miles down the road...checked the tongue...all ok, went inside...
no worse for the wear...I do tape up the cabinet doors with painters tape and that cuts down on the messes...checked the tires...oops...curbside wheel is showing "bearing grease splatter"...not a lot but enough...other wheel is ok...crawl underneath and there doesn't seem to be any splatter on the backside...good sign...However!

Soooo, the next town was Ft Stockton, and Van Horn just bit the dust...I am staying at the Ft Stockton RV Park......nice enough, all the amenities you could ever want or need...but it isn't dispersed camping...I will  stay till Monday and have a Trailer place in town check it out...I did break one of my rules.."Never travel on the weekend" with the Casita....things will be closed and you are stuck!.
Ft. Stockton CG (c)2016Horst Kelly Photographer

The good news is there are worse places to bed down..Ft Stockton has history, I'll unhitch when it cools down and play tourist....though I have been here on several occasions...maybe a trip to Wally World is in the making...there is currently a severe weather warning until 10pm ...
Ft Stockton CG sunset (c)2016Horst Kelly Photographer

Cloudcroft will have to wait until at least Monday.... I do have to keep telling myself that I am not on a schedule!

Miles driven:387
Dinner: a Rice cucumber pea salad(best there it cold) and ham and cheese sandwich...until next time Horst sends


  1. We Love that RV park....or I should say we love the Roadrunner Cafe within the park! Normally frugal, we have been known to eat dinner and breakfast there on our overnight stops. In my opinion, you couldn't have picked a better place to land.
    Good luck!

    1. It is a great Park...super amenities, the staff is the best, friendly, helpful...I was going to eat breakfast there is morning, but it is closed on no sausage gravy and biscuit and eggs, hash browns and the best coffee this side of the Pecos.. :)) oh well,its coffee and cereal for me today..hehe..thanks for taking the time to stop by....Horst sends

  2. Hi ho be jolly!! I'm ready for some awesome landscape photography!! And off to find a rice, cuke, pea salad recipe?? All healed up body, soul, and trk, now just working tails off beefing up the bank and enjoying the views down yonder!

    1. Glad things are going well...need to figure out how to see your Guys Blog....Hopefully I'll be heading North today and some Photo Travels..Horst sends

  3. A tough way to start your trip, and no gravy biscuits, to boot. I'm thinking if you made it fifty more miles without a failure, things will be ok. Wish there was a way for me to bring you a few Moose Drool. Things would appear much brighter. Wishing you safe, and FUN travels...jc

    1. I was looking forward to that breakfast.. :)) I had thought of keeping on driving, but after Ft Stockton going North there isn't much civilization...not even an empty beer can along the side of the road or a road kill..figured I better have it checked...A Moose Drool would have hit the spot..Looking forward to moving North today! Horst sends