Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tornadoes, Floods, now Drought...and Have a Awesome Independence Day.....

Seasons, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, have come and gone since my last post...and that just about sums it up for me. :))

We have been taking trips to Kansas City to help with stuff up there.  It appears that the list of Medical Specialties that I frequent keeps getting longer as well as the medications they pharmacy keeps calling me to pick them I change pharmacies..  :))

When last I wrote I was out chasing Bluebonnets and Wineries in the Hill usual rain came with vengeance and cut my trip was another awesome adventure and took me to parts of the State I had not stopped to take time to enjoy on previous outings....As short as the Spring Trips are, I truly enjoy them! There is something special about finding "treasures" in your own Back Yard!

Other than the trips to KC, I have excelled at "piddling"...doing some preventive maintenance around the of the central  A/C units has been leaking Freon for a couple years, so we bit the bullet and replaced it...its the larger of the two units and the "workhorse"....since we where now in a buying/upgrading mood, we purchased a new dishwasher, microwave and stove/oven unit...and this fall or early spring will get the outside of the house painted....though most is stone, it still needs the trim, etc., we're talking about new carpets and/or tile....oh well its like us...things need to be "mended" now and again...

I have done some minor modifications on the "Albino Armadillo"....enhanced the solar wiring, changed some stuff in the bathroom and closet and redid the table(desk) in the rear...when I first purchased the camper, the bride said "its your gig", so I decided to sleep on the side(small dinette) area and use the back as my work to put computer, printer, camera stuff, etc...I took the original table out, and made a birch plywood table that extended out and over the other bench seat...It was large, heavy, and caused some stress problems in the "well" where the tube legs went...Soooo, I decided to redo the table...since my back was hurting from sitting on the bench seat, and it was too heavy/large, and had become a "Sanford and Son  junk haven.... I cut it in half.  I still have it covering the other bench..however the new configuration allowed me to put in a comfortable, leather office chair between the two benches(photo) I used a different leg placement now gives an "allusion" of more defined areas...I think I'm going to enjoy it a lot more...for a one person arrangement and my needs, I think its pretty close to perfect...:)

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When my  Casita A/C went on the blink,  I purchased a smaller unit and now don't require a large generator, I want to sell my Boliy inverter generator.....can now use a small 2000 watt honda or generac I am just about ready to replace my 12 volt battery and get two 6 volt golf cart batteries....I'm still looking at the best battery placement..since I have the rack on back, I may put them back there...we'll see....and while I'm at it upgrade my converter....

One of my least favorite things to do is download, sort, organize, delete, edit and place photo's on my website....well I think I got a start on it...I still need to add and subtract from what I posted...also Smugmug has revamped their  choices in creating sites, etc.... I am still wading through all the differences and need to come up with a better configuration or change from Smugmug to another keeper of the "Gold"...another thing I've just noticed is the difference in colors between my Apple and PC monitors..I mostly do any editing on my apple and when I bring photo's up on my PC it doesn't look as rich and the color is off....if anyone knows how to solve that, I'm all "ears".

If you are bored. below is the link to the 2016 galleries its the second link or if you want to see the entire site its right below.....enjoy...or not

Texas Reflections Photography website

2016 Gallery website

 I guessing I have rambled enough....Have a GREAT Independence Day and remember our Troops! ...... Horst sends

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