Tuesday, April 12, 2016

.....and More of the Same

Its now Sunday evening(early) as I seat and bang out this post….I’m also in the middle of grilling some mushrooms, with onions, peppers, garlic and other good stuff…along with a pork steak…will add some Texas Cowboy beans, salad and hard roll…
(c)2016Horst Kelly Photography.. liked the Country Road

Let me back up and go to this morning….I was up early at the Hofbrau RV CG…not on my “Top 100 Hit Parade”…and we’ll just leave it at that.
Around 1000 hours I rolled out heading South to the Falls…it took me an hour…..arrived way early…checkout isn’t till 2pm…I got a site with the provision I could change it for one that I like better if and when it became vacant……it did and I got a very nice shaded, ok, a wooded site that kinda backs up to the River..though to reach it is about 1/2 mile hike, with a dead drop of 200 or more feet.. it’s a great site..and by mid afternoon not one person was around…though this evening I did get a neighbor or 3…it has rained a bit on and off most of the day, so for the most part not much activity on my part….a short hike…more like a walk to a couple of places…drove to the Falls area early after arriving and the parking lot was filled up…tomorrow is another day!
(c)2016Horst Kelly Photography... spoke to me.  :)
Its now 845pm…needless to say, I’ve eaten dinner…..and its wasn’t bad ….if I do say so….I spoke to my bride and now I thought I would finish writing to post…its being accomplished in Live Writer and I will try to send it on its “air wave” way tomorrow.
With the weather and moving again today, I didn’t get to do any photography…so I’ll try and include some from this past week..
I appreciate all that have stopped by and those that left the positive comments..Thanks!!  Happy Trails…Horst sends
(c)2016Horst Kelly Photography.... that old Barn could talk...the Memories

Sometimes the plan doesn’t come together…this(Monday) a.m. it was drizzling so I didn’t go to the top of the hill to send this post…its now Monday p.m. and time for some shut eye…..hopefully will be able to launch tomorrow morning…Horst sends again

(c)2016Horst Kelly Photography... are just starting to Bloom

(c)2016Horst Kelly Photography.... old Homestead...and History

(c)2016Horst Kelly Photography...Why Not
(c)2016Horst Kelly Photography....the way it was


  1. Once again, I am feeling very envious this morning.
    Great photo of the windmill, and Hye never looked as good the times we have passed through.
    Hope you get some sunshine today.

    1. I kinda like that old windmill, or whats left of it...its been a good trip, other than the lightening storm last nite...but I thinking that's part of the great experience being out here..take care my Friend...Horst sends