Saturday, March 12, 2016

I'm Still Kicking......I Think

Its been so long, I had forgotten how to get into Blogger...of course I forget a lot of things of late.....
Test Photo...Mission Door

Let me try to remember what we've been up to for the last two months....Have ventured to Kansas City,  a time or three......several Day Trips in the local area....probably will need to go to KC again in the near term,  had some family visiting and a couple of the kids are coming down less than a week....So its just not  been about lying around eating feta cheese and drinking wine..

The usual  annual Doctor appts who are telling me this or that aliment is nothing to worry about...just old age...and prescribe another pill to "pop"......Mmmmmmm ..I think I am single handily supporting the "Lifestyle" of 11 Doctors and two Dentists.....

I try and not watch TV ........My big project has been to organize several thousand digital photo's and group them in such a way that  I can find a specific one without spending a couple months searching....I will tell you my strong suit is not, we'll see who wins or the "Grim Reaper"..  :))
Test Photo...Mission Window

I have been reading, listening to u tube about my new camera and have gone out for some shots...I really like it and can't wait to take a a photo trip...I'd like to try my hand at night and long exposures...speaking of trips...I had planned to go to Bryce and the Tetons early Spring, however my FIL has had some set backs and currently  we're finding new "Life Style" options for him....Bottom line, its just not a good time to be gone for an extended period...especially that far I may just stay close by and go on a "Blue Bonnet" trip for a week or so until things settle down up North.

Ok....I took a break......Its been a couple 3 days since I started this scheduled for day surgery...and am now back  home for a little recuperation time and waiting for one of the twins and her new "Love Interest" to fly into town for a visit....
Test Photo...Mission

Before I forget....I was to be on a liquid diet 36 hours prior to my surgical I went out and bought some Jello, apple juice, gatorade and Chicken broth......when I returned home I noticed the broth said "Free Range" organic chicken me all that means is the chicken is out in the middle of West Texas roaming around without  being supervised/ owned be anyone...its Free Range....the bottom line its a "Road Kill"  the County Grounds and Maintenance employees scooped it up before the vultures turned it into kibbles an bits, and sold it to the soup company...The Company has a great Marketing ploy...a Road Kill becomes Organic Free Range Chicken Stock.....You Gota Love it.....haha
Test Photo...Mission

I'm thinking its time for a pain pill and a long nap.....I'm enjoying reading all the blogs and envious of those folks "making memories"....oh well, my turn will come soon enough..  :))

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Trails......Horst sends
Water Fall Colorado Springs

ps..the photo's are a couple from going out and testing with my new "Toy"..except the waterfall