Friday, September 11, 2015

There’s Magic in the Air….Its Casita in my Rear View……

The morning came pretty early for me. Around 0400 hours…I’m guessing I was a “wee bit” excited about this trip!  The other reason is it was forecast to rain early and I still had stuff to pack…freezer items as well as camera gear…I got everything packed by 0530, switched to propane for the frig…..and I was good to go….made some coffee and waited for the Bride to come share a sunrise….Mornings are always best for sharing special moments with  my Better Half…..after a few more cups of coffee, it was time for hugs and kisses and I was pulling out of the driveway at 0815…overcast, but no rain…though it was getting hot and humid fast.

(c)2015Horst kelly Photographer

Site 59 Hords Creek CoE
Traffic was a bear, but there wasn’t any accidents…after about 45 miles or so I got onto l-10 heading north…50 miles or so I took exit 523 onto US87 north toward Fredericksburg….a 25 mile or so trip.  For some reason it was rather busy and I have to drive through the middle of town…After leaving, the traffic really thins out as do the towns…continuing on 87  go through the Hamlets of Cherry Spring, Loval Valley,, Mason and Brady and start heading north on rt 283 through Trickham, Santa Anne and a few miles north I reach Coleman..made a left(west) to Hords Creek Lake and a CoE campgound…price with senior discount, eight bucks….elect and water included….I can’t take credit for finding this Gem... Jerry of Eggrolling, enlightened me of this great place and went so far as to give me the number of the best site…got here, decided to stay 2 days, just to get myself into the “camping frame of mind”….Smile.  Thanks Jerry…there is virtually one one here…the sites are  somewhat secluded from eachother…a lot of shade trees …picnic table with overhang…and close to the water….what more can you ask for…..

There is a down side, no internet,even with a Wilson Sleek(at least with Verizon) and cell reception is touch and go….Sooooo, maybe this isn’t a down side..its to insure I get into the “Camping, relaxing Zone”..Smile

(c)2015Horst Kelly Photographer
Sunset from my site…looking sorta South…lake level LOW

Did I tell you I’ve seen several deer and hawks…though I’m running the A/C, I think its going to cool off where I can open the windows and maybe run the fantastic fan, if need be….well its time to crank up the Barbie and then chat with my favorite person….I’ll see if I can find some Wi-Fi somewhere tomorrow and post this entry…..until next time, Safe Travels…Horst sends


  1. That's the best way to get started! My kind of safe.

    1. I think you Guys would like it...great views, peaceful and a terrific place to recharge...When do you Two start your next adventure?......Take care...Horst sends

  2. Glad you found things to your liking. Looking forward to some great pics and posts.

    1. You did GREAT..I really enjoyed the park..hope all is going well with you travels my Friend...Horst sends