Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meeting Like Souls, Recharge Havens, and Solitude.....

I spent 3 days in a terrific place for solitude...Sand Island..outside of Bluff, Utah..I again nabbed a site right on the San Juan River....not a lot of time spend doing anything constructive....but I don't think being constructive always has to equate to happiness or fulfillment....anyway I had a great time..met a Guy from California...with a Casita...but check it that's what I call making a statement about ones self...Had a British accent ....enjoys hiking and solitude...had a philosophical discussion on where our National Parks are probably headed for...his compass was pointing North for his continuing Journey...

My "Brit" Buddy's Casita....(c)2015 Horst Kelly Photographer

After three days I left and took the short trip South to Monument Valley and landed at the "The View" campground...inside the Park with a Birds Eye view of the Mittens...again no hook-ups, but my Solar worked flawlessly....I had no intention of taking the self guided tour...Have taken that tour numerous times....again I just wanted to relax and take a few photo's of the Mittens at sunset and next morning sunrise...and I could do that from the rear window of the chasing the "Magic Light...Mother Nature was putting it in my lap as I sit outside listening to the silent sounds of history...or maybe even John Wayne saying, "Pilgrims...get your wagons in a circle"
Needles 2000+ ft drop...(c)2015 Horst Kelly Photographer

A Father and his teenage Son and Daughter parked next to me with a Rental Class-C...they where from Germany...came over on vacation...especially to see the National Parks....well, since I was born in "Deutschland" , we had a rather nice conversation..his son is an avid photographer...and has the gear to prove it...It was a great encounter and this morning we where all out early to get some shots of the sun touching the Mittens....
Western direction from mittens..morning shot..(c)2015 Horst Kelly photographer
I had another cup of coffee, hitched up said my good-byes, wished them well and was off heading to Page.  I am staying at an RV Park...has WiFi, laundry, indoor swimming pool, fitness room..etc...for electric and water its 20 dollars or so with a Good Sam discount....

Mittens evening....(c)2015Horst Kelly Photographer

I will stay here until Monday( 28 Sept), I have decided instead of returning to Colorado for Aspen "turning"..been there...done that, I would venture to Bryce and Zion....never been there....that's my "Jello" hard core plan..till then I'm going to relax, sight-see, and try and get some pics of the "Blood Moon" on Sunday...I can't find any Guides that will do a night shoot in the Slots with trying to get the Blood Moon...Mmmm, maybe they want that for themselves..Oh well...I'll try and use Lake Powell as the "Backdrop"...Till then Happy Trails, and thanks for stopping by...Horst sends

PS...and to my Bride, a HUG Thanks for all Her Understanding and Support....The "Lucky One"

Mittens Morning....(c)2015Horst Kelly Photographer


  1. Sitting here watching college football, wishing I was where you are.
    Red Canyon NFS campground, about 10 miles west of Bryce, is a really nice cg. A good base to visit Bryce, Kodachrome, Cedar Breaks, and more. Always wanted to visit Zion in the Fall. Appears to be the best time of year to enjoy the area. Safe travels, and have fun...jc

    1. Thanks for the info on the CG...Going to do Bryce first...leave tomorrow, first light...hoping it isn't filled up by the time I get there...thanks again..hoping things are settling down for you a bit and maybe be able to take a trip Soon!..take care my Friend...Horst sends

  2. Lovely! Can't get enough of of the canyons in Utah.
    Glad you are having fun with your relaxed tour.

    1. Thanks Lynne....I am enjoying this trip....looks like you and David are clearing all "Hurdles" and are starting to enjoy the fruits of your labor...Congratulations!!...Take Care and Happy Trails with your new Escape..Horst sends

  3. Have fun shooting the's going to be beautiful!!

    1. Just got back from trying to get some moon/eclipse shots... looks like you and Mr Jer are starting to head out for a new adventure on this Full Time travels...Horst sends