Saturday, March 28, 2015

Let The Games Begin....

I am so ready.....and next week we will begin a 10 day or so adventure....First to the Hill Country...Bluebonnets should be in full bloom. I tried to get reservations at Inks Lake State Park...but its filled up...yes I know its Easter Weekend and every family will be out enjoying the area, weather and each other....I couldn't find any boondocking spots, so I  resorted to a RV park...turns out it is a quaint park at Llano Texas...right by the river, with Passport America its 15 dollars...even during where good, looks clean, family Wednesday around noon I will be heading out...staying in Llano until after Easter Sunday, then head East...looking at staying at Lake Sommerville State the Brenham area...the weather is suppose to be great...thus far.
(c) 2015HorstKelly photographer

I am hoping to get some nice shots of the wildflowers and maybe some Eagle shots in anything else that comes my is a great area for photography...numerous towns with a lot of history....maybe I'll see how many County Courthouses I can capture on film...ok, on a memory card..
(c) 2015Horst Kelly Photographer
I'm still testing and learning about the solar panels...seems to be doing a good job charging the battery...couple things I still need to learn, plus I still need to relocate the controller to the inside of Casita...I am happy to have gotten the panels as they provide a great source of electric  without having to use my generator.....and using the Genny doesn't always make me the Local Campground Hero...Barney of OFM blog kept telling me that I need to get some solar and that it would solve most of my concerns...and he was sure would have come in handy back in Dec 2012 when he and I where boondocking in Big Bend and I couldn't use my generator....I ended up having to move to another section of BB...that won't happen again.  :)
(c) 2015Horst Kelly Photographer
I will close for now and leave you with a few shots of Bluebonnets I took the last couple days around the local area.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Need For Some Mental in shake the Cranium cobwebs loose....

Another month is just about in the Books and I still haven't been out discovering some new place, hike or even BBQ Joint...but I haven't been sitting the "Albino Armadillo" all washed and cleaned.....did a couple of simple modifications, Purchased a Renogy 100 Watt Mono suitcase Solar Panel from Craigs list...its at a  price I couldn't refuse..though it ended up being a drive from Hell up North, due to weather, But in the end, it was still worth it. Its only 4 months old, in perfect condition, tested and works for a modification...I want to remove the controller from the panels and place it in the Casita, then upgrade to 6 or 8 gauge cable(wire) from controller to more than 3/4 feet...currently its a 10/12 gauge at 15 feet.... then a 25 ft 10 gauge from panels to controller....also trying to find a remote to the controller to place in a convenient place to monitor...Since electric stuff and I are not "best Friends", this modification should interesting.....
My New Toy

I now have a kinda,, maybe,  sorta, trip planned....This is suppose to be a Banner Year for Bluebonnets and Wildflowers...I'm thinking of rolling North and setting up Camp at Inks Lake State Park, close to Buchanan Lake, between Burnet and Llano....leave the end  the Month and stay until after Easter Sunday....from there go to either Brenham, Tx or Big Bend Nat'l. Pk.....we'll see what the Bluebonnets are doing by then at either place....about a two week trip...enough to do some Mental Cleansing...and get the blood flowing full speed again....Hopefully Mother Nature has settled down or at least taking a breather and the weather will be "Spring Perfect"...though some  overcast  will probably be best for the flower photography....I am Ready!!!

I want to thank all the folks that I asked questions on Solar stuff, Sharon of Tiny Camper, Jon Vermilye of Jon's Journey; and Jean from the Borderbrae Blog....thanks for all your help and advice!!!

A couple photo's from trip from days gone by....more of these can be found on my 2015 Trip Gallery..Happy Trails....until next time...Horst sends

(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

(c) Horst Kelly Photographer

(c)Horst Kelly Photographer