Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS.....May Your Best Adventures be Yet to Come

Another year has rolled by...It seems each year goes faster by than the last....But as I checked the calendar it is showing that New Year is a week away ....
(c)2014Horst Kelly Photographer

It will be another relaxing Christmas....we will be staying at KC or Charleston trip.....will have some local Friends and Family to share the next few Days with....reflection, laughter...and some tears, I'm sure....and a time to count our blessing and the family of Friends we seems as we grow older, friends become closer and more important...its a good feeling....of course a large part of that circle are my Blogging and Camping Friendships that I've been fortunate to have made the last couple of years!....
Texas Santa...(c)2007Horst Kelly Photographer

So here is my Christmas Greeting to all of you...I thank you all for your Friendship...though I have never met most of you, I feel a close kinship to each of you....I will do a New Year Recap of 2014..until then, Safe Journey!

Merry Christmas