Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I’m Honored and Humbled…..Plus… St. Peter is not Here..No Pearly Gates…But it Sure Feels Like Heaven to Me


First, I want to the Thank the Hitchitch  folks for selecting my Blog into there Great Community of Bloggers….I am honored to be part of the family.  I suppose I now have to get serious and clean my act up… SmileAgain thanks to the Folks at Hitchitch for the selection into a very informative Community of Bloggers!

DSC_0001 - Copy

At my campsite..©Horst Kelly Photographer

I’ll keep this short today, as I have no internet connection yet…I left Riverton, Wy 25 Aug. at about 0700, It was a great morning…the elevation was over 5500 and I did have a pass to master….all went well…it was one of the most scenic drives I have taken…about 270 or so from Riverton to my Campsite in the Tetons….I most have stopped a half a dozen or so times along the way….180 degrees from the previous days drive….


Views like this just don’t happen..©Horst Kelly Photographer

The CG is off of Gros Ventre Road about 15 or so miles. Its called Altherton Creek CG…what a maginifcent place…run by the National Forest Service..they have about 20 + sites above the lake…awesome veiws..there where only about 3 campers here plus the Host..they try to keep it a secret…now I know why!…no electric, and only pit toilets..I can run my generator..though I,m ok thus far…will probably run it a bit this afternoon.


For 6 dollars you to can have a site like this…©Horst Kelly Photograpger

Today is a veggin and errand day…also want to see how long it takes me to drive into town..without the camper!.  Woke up this morning to blue skies and 38 degrees…had set the heater to 47 and all was well…lots of condensation on the windows…coffee and watching the sun rise over the Mountain  and reflect off of this small lake…what more could an Old Man ask for!


©Horst Kelly Photohrapher

I’ll close for now..try to add a couple of photo’s

BTW..one of great bloggers is having a problem of having their comment be posted to this blog.  Is anyone having the problem??? And what could be causing it…Thanks…Horst sends from  “HEAVEN”


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    1. Thanks Barney for taking the time to stop by...keep enjoying Gavinland...Horst sends

  2. Horst, your Teton photos do look like heaven. And views like that don't just happen. I have seen a lot of photos of them, but never like this!

    Your $6 a night spot is superb!

    Congratulations on being picked up by Hitch Itch!!!

    No problems from WP posting comments here.

    1. Thanks so much for the comments on the photo's...I enjoy it, but its more rewarding when some else also enjoys them. Thanks for taking the time to stop by...hope you and Ron can take another trip REAL soon...Horst sends

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! Wish I was running my tiny heater, instead of our darn loud air conditioner. Something gotta break soon!! I'm learning how not to plan late summer travels. Glad you picked such a beautiful place.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments...I am enjoying the view..... solitude, vistas and hikes...and there are plenty of opportunities for all 3....hope you and Jer get some relief soon..I know at home its been over 100 for the past 10 days...here I wake up to 39/40 degree temps...Take care ...Horst sends