Thursday, July 24, 2014

Recapping the Fun.....

I thought instead of a daily post, I would do a recap of the weeks activity....We will be leaving on 25 July for the return trip....about 4 days earlier than planned...but some scheduling conflicts came up so this is the best we could all do....there will be another adventure!!! Photo's are randomly placed on this post.

Last Thursday(17) our first full day there and was a "veggie" day...we all relaxed...did make a run to DQ for a couple Blizzards...went to Walmart and ended up getting a couple of Xbox and  computer games....watched a movie with popcorn...called it a day. of course in-between was "archery" practice, several sword fights, piano lessons with the Bride..even got a "Duet" from Bride and no. 2 Gson....

Woke up Friday(18 Jul) with getting 3 inches of rain...stopped about 1000 hrs., Kids where getting decided to go to the local putt-putt golf, go karts, Bumper water cars and arcade place.....spent a couple 3 hours there...of course the arcade reaped them couple thousand points which they where able to obtain prizes with...prize of the day...fuzzy dice...what can I say.....home for late lunch, some Xbox games, supper, Skype, movie and popcorn...and to Dreamland....

Saturday(19 Jul) started off with a trip to pick up Ms Casita, got back about 0930 and the Gsons hit me with a surprise breakfast......they did get a watchful eye from Omi...but fixed it themselves....what a awesome surprise and BTW it tasted GREAT......

Decided to take them to a movie...they chose Earth to Echo......Let me come clean here...I don't do "Movie Theaters"...last time I was in one was 1995 when some friends came from out of town and we went to some James Bond movie...Bride thought something was radically wrong with me and wanted to call 911....  :) we went and had a good a shock at how much it costs , especially for treats and drinks...could have purchased a 90 watt solar suitcase panel....  :)  

Came home and relaxed, had a couple pizzas, Skype, talked and played a board game and off to bed...

Sunday(20 Jul) was kinda a relaxing day..though there is an all purpose Book Store..books, electronics, games, name it have it...Hastings  Book store..took a trip there, looked around for an hour, bought 4 books, and we'll return before they leave.

Monday(21 Jul) was the Adventure at  ZDT' all around summer fun place..they have added more stuff..more Cliff climbing venues, and especially the four different simulators, plus the water slides and go karts....arrived there about 10am and left about 245pm...ate a late lunch...home and some down time...with Skype, and another board game.

Tuesday(22 Jul) we decided to go to the SA Zoo..they had been last year but with the new exhibits, wanted a return there around 9am, it was already backed up at the entrance, but we took our time, stayed until around 2pm...I think there highlight was seeing a rhinoceros  taking a 2 Gson made a video....says he's putting it on utube to see if it goes viral....the generation gap between grandsons and Opi's.. :)....another late lunch...and both where tired and before we knew it where taking a nap......I spent some time with Ms Casita looking at stuff I could do prior to my trip...looks like a mid August Launch...can't wait!!! Kids got up, made a run to a store, ate, Skype and watched a movie...with popcorn of course.....we had the old ET movie, which we told them was somewhat like the Echo to Earth movie they saw...they where intrigued and enjoyed the movie...something's never grow old......

Wed(23 Jul)...Went to the City park...threw some footballs, Frisbees, and just "Horsed" around...then went back to the Hastings book store for books and a board game, though it didn't have a board...more complicated then I want to explain here...took them 3 hours of prep is called Dungeons and Dragons... they have been  occupied with that almost nonstop...

Its now Thursday and they are still into the D&D for me especially since its hitting 103 degrees today, best to be inside...I ran several errands, made motel reservations for the way back, packing the Boys stuff..Their "last meal" request was Hamburger Helper and Pizza......we plan on leaving by 0800, destination Shreveport,  La......

Though its been a short visit, it has been  quality time, and interesting to see the changes in a years 1 Gson is starting to enter the "Dreaded Puberty  Tunnel" 2 is stretching his independence arm....what they enjoyed last year is not necessarily what they enjoyed this year, so we did some "mid course" corrections...on the fly...but at the end of the day its been another memorable time....well spent!!!

Now for the trip back.... and then preparing for my "trip"......Happy Trails....Horst sends


  1. Great times and great memories. I am "stuck" in Gavinland until mid September. Have fun on the road.

    1. "Stuck".....and loving every moment ......from what I'm reading in your Blog...hopefully the weather isn't too hot.....I'm trying to get ready for my Western Adventure....take care...Horst sends

  2. Oh my goodness...I would love to be your "grand." You certainly showed these lucky fellows a "grand" time!!! What awesome memories you all have made together :-) You all be sure and drive safely and enjoy your return journey together!!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments.....though this was a short visit, we did have FUN and quality time together.....being a "Opi" sure is fun and rewarding!!!...take care...Horst sends

  3. Loved following your adventures with the boys! They sure do have a great grandpa! :)

    1. Thanks for the kinds words!!!...It has been time well spent....and I sure enjoy playing the role of the "sage old Gpa"... :) for my Western Tour...I can't wait to begin the Journey!!! travels...Horst sends