Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

To all my "EGG" Blogging Family and those Friends who are"Good Eggs" in my life....including some "cracked" Eggs.....

Have a very Happy Easter...Horst sends

Friends and family

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Moon is still a Special Icon to Me

It seems just about everyone in the Blogging World is or has had some Adventures this year...though I've had several "Adventures"...none  included a Casita, Map, Hiking Shoes and a Camera.... :)...I did squeeze  in some time for Bluebonnet Day Trip, washing the Camper, several Trips to RV Stores for some much needed Toys and an "all nighter" waiting for the "Blood Moon" to make its appearance...Bed at 2130 hours, up at midnight, left for my staging area by 0100, back home by 0330...tons of coffee, many out of focus photos, and insomnia the rest of the day....

(c)Horst Kelly photographer

...But, Oh what a grand  night it was...well lets back up to the beginning of Monday...0600 hours, 73 degrees, slight wind from the south, clear skies...0700, 50 degrees and dropping, winds from the north at 40-60 mph, rain and 4pm its clear sky, warming up, winds die down to 10mph and I think that it has the making for some Moon photo ops....
(c)Horst kelly Photographer

Did some research and found out that for this area the total eclipse starts at 0208 hours and lasts until 0323..I get to my spot at about 0130 to see the Partial Eclipse starting.... first problem is that it is so high in the sky its almost a vertical shoot...its difficult to set up my tripod to aim my camera  at that angle...finally got everything set up and as "Lady Luck" would have it my autofocus is not I engage my brand new cataract free eyes to manually focus the lens....but wait, do I use reading glasses to focus or just plain eye sight...its dark, can't see what I'm doing and the bottom line about 99 percent of the photo's I took are out of focus.....oh well...such is a Photographers Life....especially at 0300 hours..  :)

(c)Horst kelly Photographer

It still was a "rush: to stand out there in 40 degree temps drinking many cups of hot coffee and watch the Moon continually change its color...if I concentrated hard enough I could almost be at "East Glacier"...  :)
(c)Horst kelly Photographer

Soooooo, I'll leave you with a couple Moon Shots and some Bluebonnet photo's...until next time..Happy Trails to You...Horst sends