Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Late....Heading east...bedded Down at Greenwood, La

Parachute Drop

Water Slide
Motor-Cross Race
Its been somewhat busy the last several the Blog took a back seat....let me update as I sit in the Mid-Continent Inn at Greenwood La....advertised to have a swimming pool...a most for this return trip...keep the "Restless" somewhat tame.. they have a pool...but it has a tarp over it, which I wasn't made aware of until unpacking a truck load of electronics....and tomorrow our route is calling for rain....a motel with indoor pool is now being researched....
#2 Grandson


We did have an adventure day on Monday....the last was a theme park that included water slides, rock climbing, parachute drop,  #2Gson's favorite, Go-karts, not one, but to  arcades with over 50 games, a simulator, Trampoline Thing, Spinning ride...and all for one price...under 20 Bucks...and adults get in free if they are only going to watch the Kids...what a concept. I though it would be very crowded and to my surprise, we never had a line to wait in.....
The next "Idol" Stars


After 4 hours and having a great time, they where ready to leave.....early dinner, Skype and they where off to "Dreamland".....Tuesday was prepare for "departure"....and this morning at around 0720 we launched..Hugs and Kisses and tears between Omi and the Boys...and we where heading  northeast.....more miles then I wanted to travel...420 miles later everyone was about to be in a straight jacket...I'm  looking for the "Duck Tape"...and then to find out the pool was closed....Saw a sign for "Cracker Barrel" you recall from previous posts, its there new favorite place...why don't they serve "Margaritas"....oh back to the motel, had Skype session, and now watching some "cartoons".....and its not even 7pm yet....
Deer Hunting

So let me leave you with some of the Monday's Adventure Photo's..Happy Trails...Horst sends


  1. Are you heading off to some island alone when you get back from this journey :O) Hard to keep up with all that young energy but it doesn't seem to stop you for the most part! What a trip....loads of fun reading along!

    1. A Island for some solitude...I think that may be the ticket...Energy is starting to wear thin....but the handoff happened this evening...will post a entry tomorrow...hope all is going well with you....Horst sends

  2. Glad you can do this! Not sure that I could handle it!

    Stay safe!

    1. I think I'm hitting the wall....however they are back home...will post an entry tomorrow...though I'm leaving early tomroow

  3. Horst, Looks like your grands are having the time of their lives. Such wonderful memories you and the grands are making. My hat is off to you!

    1. Mike and Gerri...thanks for stopping by....its been a terrific experience for me...and hopefully for the boys also....hope all is going well with you two and your new "Adventure Platform"..take care and "Happy Trails"...Horst sends