Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day One is History

We did have a launch....most everything except a hitch up was completed yesterday....relaxed, had a great quite dinner with the Bride, tried to convince her to come along...and the "Sandman" came about 10pm or 0330 thunder woke me up and there was a great lightening show...I was  up for the duration...and didn't even get any photos...had coffee, got cleaned up and dressed, more coffee ...inspected the inside of Ms Casita and the tow vehicle, checked the tire pressure in the dark...turned on the sprinkler system, turned on the AC in the camper to give it a chance to stay cooler, checked to see if the Frig had cooled over night....then it started raining...its now 0530 and I still need to hitch up .....I'm about ready to postpone...NOT...Bride is now up, not because she wanted to be up that early...I guessing when I talk to myself I have a tendency to raise my voice (lol) 0600 rain or no rain, I go outside and hitch last walk around and check all the systems...go in shower, change clothes, and by 0715 I Kiss and hug the Bride and we have "wheels in the well".

(c)Horst kelly photographer

Shoot up to east I-10 for a few miles, north on Rt123, hit I-35 north to Buda...and the Land of Cabala's ...almost stop...  get on toll road 130 and exit at Georgetown...back on I-35 and traffic is a "Zoo"'s Sunday morning, where is everybody going...there can't be that many Garage sales off of the interstate, nor churches....then I hit construction and those Barriers, I'm doing 55mph and the 18 wheelers want to show their stuff....I don't believe there was 6 inches between us and of course they're going at least 70mph.....and this lasts all the way to Waco...a white knuckle morning or a six pack of shiner's...just kidding .
(c) Horst Kelly photographer

I then take RT. 31 northeast to I-20....not many towns, little traffic and it's a 4 lane just keeps getting better...all of a sudden Ms Casita starts acting up, wants me to slow down and head north on guessed it...we are driving through Corsicana, Tx....she wants to visit her birth place...I inform her its closed, but maybe on the way back...for several miles she's back to normal but when we get close to I-20 she wants to go to Quitman to go see Larry Gamble and Mmoe, Curly and Larry...she almost convinces me...but we got on  I-20 heading East and about 1600 hours landed at Shallow Creek RV Resort, near Gladewater, Tx...a little north of the interstate...regular rate is $33.00, with Passport America it was 16.50...includes pull-through, elect., and sewer....the temps are in the 90's, no shade and the AC hasn't stopped running miles...360...or so...tomorrow's destination is Edwards Ms at the Askew landing Campground....I hope... they haven't called me back miles should be around 280.... no photo's I'll post some from past adventures.....Hope this Blog finds everyone Happy and Healthy...Horst sends

(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Final Countdown

If the Plan holds,  its three days until "Liftoff"...but as usually is, the countdown may have a I may be in a holding pattern.....Everything is just about done...the new Xterra is "tow ready"...I have Ms Casita configured for two Gkids and one Opi...have tested all I can test and all systems are "go"...
Horst Kelly photographer

I have  rerouted my trip to Charleston SC...will go north from here to I-20, head east/ northeast for a couple days, then cut across to Montgomery Al and head north to Auburn some more cutting across and zig-zag south than north and end up in Charleston....plan is for 4 days travel and about 1320 I go "planning" again.... it rarely works for me....but, we'll see. The trip back to Texas will be on and off of I-10 and that will be a meandering adventure of about 2+ weeks of fun  stuff for the Gkids....

Had a Skype session with them the other evening to make plans on stuff they want to do and see...also spoke with Daughter and SIL to make sure I have authorization/documents to be able to get them medical treatment if needed, copy of their vaccinations, etc....want to make sure that if an emergency came up that we wouldn't get in a "bureaucratic quagmire". So I think we've covered all the bases and everyone is excited...This will be the first time Daughter and SIL have had this long of a break from them..I know they will miss the Kids, but another side sees them in the image of  Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Business...the scene he is dancing in his shorts across the room to the Bob Segar tune "Old time Rock an Roll" I'm backing out of the driveway... they are imitating that scene

So there you have it....Tomorrow and/or Saturday will be final decision time on departure or delay....Hitch-itch is at "Full throttle"... Countdown continues...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A New Adventure About to Begin

Its been over a month since  I last posted...its kinda been one of those funk mood moments....ok, funk weeks.....been trying to get ready for my trip to Charleston first task was to buy a new tow vehicle...though the Xterra NEVER had a break down, other than the overflow cap...the old mule had 159700 miles, and like me with my miles, stuff was going to start breaking down. I hate to buy cars. First because many years ago I decided I would never buy a new vehicle again...I came to this mindset when they became more expensive then my first house....and it was not cheap!...Second, its not an extension of my personality, ego or vanity...its a means of transportation that gets one from point A to point B....ok I had a couple TR-3's, and a muscle Mustang...but that was way back in my Neanderthal  Days ....when my brain was much smaller and my "stupid level" was much larger.
(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

...I wanted a Nissan Titan or another Xterra....mainly 'cause I have a mechanic that only works on foreign vehicles, and he is as honest as the Day is long...I first went to him after a Honda dealership wanted $2500 to fix an oil leak on my Brides "Toy Car" term for sports car...anyway I took it my current mechanic and the cost of repair was $49.00....needless to say I adopted him and have never looked back!!

To shorten this story...I ended up with a 4 wheel drive Xterra with 16000 miles...and a SUPER its off to get ready for my great adventure.

(c)Horst Kelly Photographer

My plan is leave either 28 or 29 June...and be in Charleston before the 4th of July....still have a lot of stuff to do...first and foremost is to prep the Xterra and get it tow ready...the Casita is all set to and biting on the bit for a new am I!!

The team is at  T minus 7 or 8...the blog is now fully engaged and will be updated on a regular basis...

(c) horst kelly photographer

My Gkids for 6 to 8 weeks....this will be an adventure  to say the least....ok maybe an endurance test.....But if you're going to hit the wall....there is no better doesn't get any better then that!!!  Horst sends