Saturday, May 11, 2013

A little History about La Vernia Texas...and ...some Utube Humor

Todays post is a History lesson about the town we chose to retire in...a small community of about 1000 folk or so...mainly Ranchers....the folks have high values and a super work ethic....the young people address their Elders as Ma'am, or Sir...the school system is second to none...both scholastically and athletically...both the Boys and Girls have gone to State for football, baseball, volleyball, Girls soft ball, basketball(girls and boys)...had one graduated student(Dustin Jonas) that was the 2008 NCAA Indoor High Jump Champion ...."Badest" thing these kids do is meet in there pickup trucks on someone's ranch on a Friday or Saturday night, build a bonfire and drink Shiners Beer....I was not born here or even resided in  Texas until my final assignment ....but I'm proud to a be a member of this community...Bride and I looked for two years after I retired for a place with a little land and away from the "Country Club" atmosphere...and here we are....the birth of the Lawn Mower Drag Races....even sanctioned by the NDRA....go figure.

Now for todays bit of history for those that are still with me....we have two new Historical Markers in La Vernia...The Cibolo Crossing of the Gonzales Road and Susanna Dickerson....Alamo Survivor...Clink on photo to enlarge...

The actual location was not known until recently when a Friend of mine that owns a ranch in the vicinity was doing research on a unrelated piece of land and came across a survey which determined where the actual historical crossing was... which was located behind his ranch...Here are some photos of the ceremony...

I do have detailed info and if anyone is interested and  will share...Bottom line..don't have travel far to do a interesting "Road Trip" until next time...Safe Journey...and Happy Mothers miss my Mom!!!

ps...found this utube video from a great comedian back in the '60's, Father Guido Sarducci...I enjoyed him then...and I still laugh today...I believe the Smothers brothers had him on the first time...Explains the Afterlife....enjoy..


  1. Something so special about small town picked a nice spot! Funny video...I so remember Father!

    1. Kinda like living in "Mayberry RFD"...though I'm still looking for the Sheriff's Office and Andy Taylor...Horst

  2. My wife Irma, has been following your site-You are a master at picture taking -I rally like Father Sarducci you tube too that you posted.
    Irma said you reside in La Vernia. I like Texas history, I did not know La Vernia's history. My half brother Frank Ashton lives in La Vernia . He is a retired San Antonio Police Sargent and now his son patrols the streets of La Vernia- From Amarillo, Texas Eloy A. Heras

  3. Eloy...just saw your post....thank you for your kind comments about my photography and I appreciate you and Irma taking time to read my blog and look at my website....I have not met Frank nor his son...when I retired I wanted to live somewhere where you could build a home and your neighbor wasn't right on top of you...La Vernia has everything I enjoy, little land and GREAT people...thanks again for stopping by my Blog...Horst sends