Saturday, November 24, 2012

Its Cold.....Can I go Home... NOW

Kansas City Christmas Lights.. Plaza...not my photo

First I want to welcome Lynn for following/ joining this Blog and you can see her Blog on Casita in the Desert casita in the Mountains , Great folks with their 16 Ft  Casita...please take a look...again thanks Lynn for taking the time to stop by...I really enjoy this "Casita " Community!!!

We are still in KC...and the weather has turned frigid....lows in the 20's. highes 40'  daily walks came to abrupt halt....and the treadmill is not working...oh well it gives me more time to munch on an assortment of Thanksgiving still amazes me on the variety of stuff one can do with turkey....I still hope to get down to the Plaza and take some photo's of the lights...but not when its in the 20's.....
Had a great Thanksgiving day...FIL, Kids and Grandson....and a lively debate with SIL on politics...I enjoy throwing a hand grenade in the middle of the discussion and seeing how he responds....hope he realizes half of what I say I don't really believe was a fun day!!!!....have been doing some errands for FIL, setting up appointments, grocery run, winterizing sprinkler system, refilling meds., etc....."The Greatest Generation" though decreasing in size is still vibrant and full of spunk...and that's a good thing!!!..I enjoy our time together....

I suppose this evenings  dinner will be another creative creation of some sort of turkey meal...I can hardly wait...NOT...I may sneak out and get FIL and myself a juicy, messy, over the top, bacon, mushroom, cheese and onion hamburger...cheesy fries...a local beer brew...and sneak down in the basement and enjoy our "Last Supper"

The plan is start heading back Tuesday morning...I wouldn't mind taking a side trip as we meander south...if anyone has any ideas, please share them...we do have Rt.66 south of here....till then there is still lots to do here....BTW some asked about my Santa Fe trail title...FIL lives on the "Old Santa Fe Trail" on the Mo. side about 1.5 miles from the State Line ...kind'a neat....

I just tried to load some photos and it came back and said I've used up my space...what gives...probably large pixel files, but I didn't realize it would  be this soon...anybody have any ideas and/or  options...this is a PHOTO Blog...Mmmmm, woe is me.....Happy Trails...Horst


  1. Ran out if way! Someone said somethin.g once Blogspot pics are on Picasa and there is a limited...hummmmm if I hear of any options ill pass it on. Have a friend in KC and she was at the KC lights....looked amazing. Safe travels home :). followinng Lynne...of course bias to fellow Casita travelers :)

  2. You're the second blogger this week to mention the out of space thing. Apparently somethings going on with blogger or picasa. Hope you get it worked out, so you can tell me what to do when I get the same message. Safe travels back home. As far as recomendations, you can't go wrong with blue highways...jc

  3. Thank you, thank you for the nice words! Now I need to write something or shoot something amazing and don't see it happening as we are, also, in the 40's and 20's.

    As far as traveling, we camped with the Corp of ENG all the way to Farnum Creek, KS in Sept and each lake was unique. Can't go wrong with the Corp is my motto.

    Please keep us posted on the out of space thing as the pictures are THE most important thing!