Monday, November 26, 2012

A Evening on the Plaza

So far I haven’t solved my one GB limit problem with Blogger/Picaso…Tried to get my photos and reduce their pixel size in Picaso…haven’t been able to do that…if I delete them, it also deletes them in the Blog….I  can pay to increase the storage space, but that probably is not a long term solution…if I where more of a detail person I wouldn’t have these challenges…
Today it warmed up a bit and I did a six mile walk…felt good…..then it was lunch time, open the Frig….and there it was…more Turkey. Decided a would make a Dagwood, triple plus layer sandwich….Toasted some wheat bread, turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, cream style corn, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, slice of provolone cheese just for waking up the arteries….and a glass of Buttermilk…called 911 before starting this feast and had them on stand by….ok, in reality, I had a veggie burger with tomatoes and sliced onion….but it could have happened…
This evening Daughter and friend picked me up about 1730 hours and we drove to the Plaza for some Photo Ops of Christmas Lights…It was so packed with people it was hard to find places to get some good photo’s…we spent about 2 hours trying to get on roof tops, side streets etc….with no real luck…also told that they didn'y have nearly the amount of lights as in past years....I may go back tomorrow evening if the weather holds up… we went into a pub had a couple of brews and some dinner, home by 2030 hours,,,super time even though the photography didn’t pan out the way I would have liked it…but that’s life, and hopefully there's always tomorrow …thanks for stopping by….Happy Trails…Horst...

ps..well I wrote this in Live Writer, was able to reduce the pixel size of photo's and as you can see it posted...Boy the photo's didn't turn out crisp at all, oh still was a nice time..don't think I'll go back this evening as the temps are suppose to drop...low  at 19 degrees...with wind.....



  1. Horst, The Plaza lights at Christmas time are amazing. Have not witnessed it for many years.

    The imported Danish baby-back ribs at Houston's in the Plaza are reason alone to lure me back there.

    I am not a blogger expert, but your problems would be solved using Smugmug Pro Next time we meet I can demonstrate the advantages. Unlimited photo storage, full sized photo uploads and downloads and safe storage of the full sized photos.

    Have a safe trip back. I will leave Friday with my Casita hotel suite in tow for Houston.

  2. I just got hooked on those veggies burgers...but to pass on stuffing that had to be tough :) I still need to check out Picasa...but I follow smugmug...neat concept. Wonder if woodpress blogs have a limit. Wish I had a better idea... Keep warm...blistery here in IL.

  3. I liked your pictures but I like all your pictures.

    With that little buttering up, would you mind sharing what ISO you were using? There's a night Christmas boat parade coming up and I have so little experience with shooting in the dark.

    Appreciate the link to Casita Adventurer...we attended some of the same events and his pictures provided me a chance to relive them.

    1. Lynne..Buttering up will get you style ISO that evening was 800, with most of my F stops being 5.6 at 1/8 sec at 18/34mm...usually I will shoot at a lower ISO, but I forgot my tripod and only had a monopod..or whatever you call you can see they were not "sharp"....usually my objective is to shoot at the lowest ISO I can, somewhere between 100-400....Good Luck on your Boat Parade...keep switiching your ISO if you have a tripod and remote release and work the f-stop up and down(experiment)...record the best results...and "Bam", you're ready for the next photo me the fun is experimenting, once you have set up the "creative" shot ...the rest is technical and that you can just mess with it to see what you like best as far as ISO, F stops and takes the pressure of coming up with the "perfect shot"...whatever that is....enjoy and thanks for the positive compliments....Horst

  4. Thank you for such great info....I may try to do a little practice before the big night!