Thursday, October 4, 2012

POSTSCRIPT…..Better than Winning the Mega-Lotto

I suppose I need to provide a summary of the trip….and what better way then going down memory lane with a few photo’s…OK, OK… I’ll provide some “Basic”  facts first:

Miles Driven: 9400(car miles); Casita miles: about 7400 miles…six weeks
Gas expenditure: around $1100
Meals out: $42.00
Campgrounds: less than $300…I think
Continental Divide crossings: 8
Misc./Other Stuff: About $600…not included are items for auto or memory
Cards, etc….ok, there it is…I’m sure I missed something, but how can you put a price on a GREAT adventure….now for the photo’s…BTW I’ve posted some on my website under “Trip 2012 Gallery”








Horst Kelly Photographer

Horst Kelly photographer

Horst Kelly Photographer

That’s all for now…Again I want to thank everyone that took the time to stop by and also those folks that left those GREAT comments…..until the next time…Happy Trails!!! Horst sends


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    1. Thanks for the comments and taking the time to stop by...BTW, as I write this I am marinading a flat iron steak(your recipe)....will enjoy it with some grilled white corn, a salad, and Texas Toast...thanks for posting it!!!...Have a Super Sunday...Horst sends


  2. Enjoyed the trip too !!!!! Photos always fantastic !!!! I was amazed at the number of miles .... Over 9000 ..... You are always sooooo kind about sharing and tell the story adventure ..... Thanks again !
    Best regards, Sally B

    1. Thanks for continuing to stop by and visit....if you enjoy the blog and/or photo's...then I am a "Happy Camper".....until the next adventure....Have a GREAT weekend...Horst sends

  3. Looks like you got a bunch of great photographs. I really like the sky & color of the Mormon Row building at the Tetons - I've visited more than 5 times trying to catch something like that with no luck!

    Sorry I never got the chance to run into you on your travels. While I'll be staying in the east next summer, I may be able to head to the southwest over the 2013 winter.

    Take care -

    1. Jon...I appreciate the positive comments....the Mormon Barn was pure luck...and only 3 of us there...though when I was driving to Mormon Row, I though I would get a better sky with the overcast...but I am happy...I also wrote you an email back in reply to you catching the wrong address on my site...thanks...woe is me...Take care and hopefully we'll end up at the camp campsite one of these days...Horst