Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dodging the Storm...Not

My internal alarm went off at up, made some coffee, watched the news...first mistake...reminder to self, watch the weather....did all those "manly" things one is suppose to do...loaded the car, checked out and was on the road by 0700....The sun was shining bright in my rear view mirror...for the first 40 miles....I crested a hill and boom...the sky was a pitch black..and the clouds where one told me about this...I click my heels to make sure I'm not in Kansas....and then the sky opened up and sheets of rain fall for what seemed like eternity...ok, it lasted until about New Orleans...some 3 one point I was about ready to call it a day and check into a motel.....lets recap...why didn't I take, was it as bad as this...oh well, what  I traveled about 480 miles and ended up in Jennings, Louisiana ...and a short 365 miles from La Vernia all is good....
Historic Charleston

I call my bride, then my daughter...go out and get a taco salad....and here I am, writting this blog..the sun is setting..I go outside and notice the Motel is adjacent to approach 270R at the local airport....though I haven't heard one aircraft take off or land...which remindes me, I stayed up somewhat late last night watching the tv movie Amelia Earhart...something I don't normally do...but this captured the adventurous side of me...and I wonder....where did she go down..Mmmmm

I suppose I better get myself ready to put on "snoze"....I appreciate everyone that took the time to visit  and especially those that left a comment...I will do a summary of the trip this weekend...Tom Mix says Happy how many folks know who Tom Mix is????....go for it Barney.
Historic Charleston

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to the Alamo....

Last evening we all decided to do Chinese...the amount of food we ordered was down right "Pigish" that a word....there was so much left over it would feed a Third World Nation....I think all the food cooked or bought the last week...the Kids willl have left overs through the New Year...I haven't got on a scale, but with the lack of my daily walking and the amount of  intake of delicious food...I probably gained 10-15 lbs......woe is me....but it was worth being with the Kids, Grandkids and meeting all their friends....
Way to Early for a "Grandkids" Photo Take

With all that was going on last night, I decided to pack this up at 0530, wanted to make sure I was up to see the SIL off to work....then it was pack, give the Grandkids hugs and one last photo.....daughter and I sat around and talked, laughed, and re-lived the last several days....and then it was off to head home....after seeing the weather, I decided to go home the same way I came...really wanted to do I-20, but saw some bad weather towards the west, between I-40 and I-20.....don't need its off to Jacksonvillle, then I-10 west.....I called it a day in Marianna, Florida...about 470 miles from Charleston...easy drive...just relaxing now....we'll see where tomorrow finds me....Happy Trails...Horst

Horst kelly photographer

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Party, Grandkids, Oysters, Walking the Historic District

I know, I know...haven't posted in a while.....I guess I've been having way tooooo much fun....Arrived in  Charleston about noon last Wenesday....we all relaxed that day....picked up the Grands from school and the fun began...they are 10 and 8 now...they had to show "Opi" their rooms, every computor and X-Box game they had, their favorite ones, what the object of the game is, etc.....then off to do homework, supper and then the games....the hand, eye coordination  8 and 10 year olds have is amazing....I remember having problems keeping up with the Pong Game.... Atari and Nitendio where my undoing...and I always was told I had great reflexes and hand eye coodination....but its nothing compared to these two....
Playing XBox and another game on computor daughter and I took the kids to school, did some shopping, mainly for the party, pork shoulder, baby back ribs, chicken legs and 2 bushels of fresh oysters in the shell(to be steamed and or grilled)....Iced them down in a huge cooler.......I tried to talk her into a brisket but my SIL voted me down...damn Navy the kids from school...same routine as the day before...though we did go outside to the backyard lake and fed the ducks....afterwards we all set up the oyster tables and other stuff...forgot to mention, SIL is off this week, but is getting Certified to be a Staff Instructor for Scuba Diving...its his second fact thats how my daughter met him..he was teaching the diving class that she signed up for.... some 18 years time flies...
A GREAT Navy Team

So lets move on to Saturday...its scamble  day...need to set everything up, start the smoker, etc...SIL is still in class, expected home at 1530 hours...0730 put on the 2 pork shoulders 250 degrees of heat, for 10 hours, ribs will start later, chicken last thing on.....we cleaned the house, set up the tables, got the sides 1530 SIL came home, we set up the oyster table and got the final stuff going....they have a large home and also outside deck...about 40-50 folks coming...all is well...
Lake Backyard

By 1700 the first folks show up....all the meat is done...and I forgot to take photo's of it...wanted to have Jerry..Eggrolling, to judge it, haha...well I think  we would have won....but then I smoked had the cememony, toasts and then all relaxed and spent the rest of the evening telling "war stories"....though I will say that I was on the edge of being thrown in the lake by all those Navy folks, as I kept telling them how inferior Navy was to Air Force, was a great night of "jabbing" on both sides...

Sunday, SIL had to take 2 finals...or so he said, while daughter and I cleaned up the mess, another Navy trait/ slobs.  By noon all was done including yard, deck, smoker, grill, etc...the rest of the day we "grazed" on left-overs, and reminised about days gone by.....The new Lt. Commander came home around 1500....we decided it was time for happy hour, did games with the Grands, and before you know it we where all on the sofas..watching T.V., half a fact one of the kids fell asleep....What a great weekend is was.....I plan on leaving two days will be doing some sight-seeing in Charleston, relaxing and being with small adults....
Charleston Historic District
Charleston Historic District

OK...I haven't posted yet...its now Tuesday....will not be going to Hilton Head...its back to Texas...should be home Friday or Saturday...may take a different route home that takes me through Macon, Ga..south of Atlanta, then down to mobile...or may take I-20 all the way into Texas and head south prior to getting to Dallas.....will post and blog tomorrow evening....Happy Trails

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I-10 to the Atlantic Ocean…North on I-95

One minute I was in a deep sleep, the next I jumped out of bed thinking I had overslept…and thought I was home….for a “Nano” second I had no clue where I was….now that was a comforting experience….. it was only 0400, but I now was wide awake….lets see what's on the tube at this time in the morning….Wow…..if this a reflection of our country, we’re in trouble…..I thought the recent surge of “reality shows” was going to me be the demise of this country…but I now believe its the early morning “infomercial's”….its Iran's secret weapon against the West…not Nuclear Reactors .. Below is a photo of a Navy Blue Angles jet at the Florida Welcome Center…..
So I clean up and load the car and at 0700 I’m on the road, heading East on I-10…..lose an hour and around early afternoon hit Jacksonville Florida…..gas is closing in on $3.80…wow…I take I-295 north…get on I-95 for about 20 miles and exit at Kingsland Ga…a great town and close to numerous places like Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, St Mary's, Jekyll Island, etc…in the Spring of 2010, I took my first extended trip in the Casita and this is one of the places I stopped for 3 days…the area has wildlife, History, The early 1900’s “Rich and Famous” summer homes, etc…a definite stop on a trip in this area…though to me it’s a lot more rewarding doing it in a camper…

Tomorrow will be a short drive to Charleston…a little over 200 miles…will keep you posted and hopefully share some photo’s…especially with the Grandkids…..Happy Trails…Horst sends

On the Road Again....SIL Getting Promoted...Navy

So you thought I would be home cutting grass, Trimming Trees, Waxing the Casita...or judging  Brisket/Rib events(the devil made me say that Jerry..haha)...none of those...I'm on the road to Charleston, South SIL is getting promoted to Lt. Commander in the Navy and asked me to do the pinning on....I am really proud of his accomplisments...though there is a  inter service being Air Foce Blue.....I have told him more than once that his career didn't take off until he married my daughter and the "Air Force culture" rubbed off on him..haha...all good natured fun..... his present assignment is a joint tour and his immediate Boss is an Air Force is Soooo good for this old father-in-law..
Horst Kelly Photographer

So I began my trip this morning(10/8) at I didn't take the Casita...just the lonely old mule(Xterra) and me....drove to Ocean Springs, Ms...600+ miles...not the same 200-250 miles at 55mph when pulling the wagon, which by the way is a lot more relaxing then going down the interstate at 75mph...the area is having some sort of car rally, motel prices are sky high...105 bucks to be exact..and that's with a discount....why didn't I take the casita and boondock at a Cracker Barrel ....tomorrow I plan on stopping at Jacksonville, Florida...though I could make it to Charleston..I told my daughter I'd be there Wednesday I'll make it a short day....

Horst Kelly Photographer

Since I didn't take any photo's today, I post some old ones...Happy Trails...I-10 heading east

Thursday, October 4, 2012

POSTSCRIPT…..Better than Winning the Mega-Lotto

I suppose I need to provide a summary of the trip….and what better way then going down memory lane with a few photo’s…OK, OK… I’ll provide some “Basic”  facts first:

Miles Driven: 9400(car miles); Casita miles: about 7400 miles…six weeks
Gas expenditure: around $1100
Meals out: $42.00
Campgrounds: less than $300…I think
Continental Divide crossings: 8
Misc./Other Stuff: About $600…not included are items for auto or memory
Cards, etc….ok, there it is…I’m sure I missed something, but how can you put a price on a GREAT adventure….now for the photo’s…BTW I’ve posted some on my website under “Trip 2012 Gallery”








Horst Kelly Photographer

Horst Kelly photographer

Horst Kelly Photographer

That’s all for now…Again I want to thank everyone that took the time to stop by and also those folks that left those GREAT comments…..until the next time…Happy Trails!!! Horst sends