Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yellowstone....what a pleasant surprise

Horst Kelly Photographer

Left Helena around was windy and the miles seemed to go on here around 1pm ...when I had stopped at a gas station about 50 miles from Yellowstone I met a young man getting “stuff” to go fly fishing...we started chatting and I asked him if there where any CoE or BLM campgrounds between where I was and Yellowstone...and if they where on the river...he said there was a place about 20 minutes south called Twin cost and great site....I thought I hit all the numbers on the Mega Lotto....but it was not meant to be...I searched for about 45 minutes and never could find option two was Bakers Hole CG...I think a NPS run CG....$14 for seniors...and it had electric and water stations...decided to stay two nights...leave the 27th....
Horst Kelly Photographer

My only Bison Herd...Horst Kelly Photographer
I was pleasantly surprised that the Park was not nearly as crowded as 10 or so days ago when I came down from Bozeman......I drove around a little while and decided I would do the loop the next day...
Look close at bottom a small rainbow...Horst Kelly 


It now the 26th....Got up 0530..had my coffee and stated out around route was to head north to Norris, east to Canyon Village, north to Tower-Roosevelt and east to roam around the Lamar Valley....then backtrack to Mammoth Hot Springs and head back to the West Yellowstone...the weather was chilly when I started, but soon turned into a perfect day....what a mix of vistas...from mountains to water falls to prairies...and everything in between....and The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone does hold its own with the other “Grand Canyon”.... the crowds did pick up but nothing to the extent that I witnessed before, and I would say the vast majority of the folks I ran into were European....

I got back around 3pm, spent an hour or so walking the town...looking in the shops..and decided to get some chicken fried rice for dinner from one of the local Chinese back ate decided to see if I can get a blog off....hopefully it will work...will then prepare for the Tetons......

Yesterday I had decided to just spend the night here...I'm glad I changed my turned our to be a great gem, a very positive adventure!!!!!  Thanks for stopping by...Horst sends

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