Friday, August 3, 2012

Window, Sturgis and Prairie Dogs...Mother Nature shows whose Boss

Only one photo as internet is very slow

To day was a chore day...First I went to Rapid City to see about getting my window fixed and the short answer was Yes Mr. Kelly you where correct in your assessment that the power window motor needs to be replaced, no we did not order the part as you suggested...but we can have it here in two work days...and probably have you on the road Tuesday or Wednesday....I asked if they could exchange the one on the passengers side,since I won’t be using it...nope as we need to get the one that controls all the windows...why...never mind ,deal with it later....a wasted two hours plus another 3 hour drive....
Decided to go to Sturgis so I could say...been there...done that..just as I turned off the Interstate and got to Sturgis it began pouring rain...needless to say I didn’t get out of the car...took some photo’s and headed back to the Campsite...did make one stop to get some shots of prairie home and cleaned the inside of the was beginning to look like Sanford and Son’s front yard....also checked and wrote a couple emails and relaxed..
Approaching Storm..Horst Kelly Photographer 

I thought this evening I would just relax, fix myself a salad, plan for tomorrows new adventure and turn in early......Oh, you naive little camper boy....first I glance up and my voltage meter is reading way on the low I go outside and disconnect the plug...come back in and notice my phone is blacked out...try to start it and nothing can’t be dead it’s only a year plus a couple weeks old.....I go and inform Larry, the owner of the campground about the electric problem and he jumps right on it....I check and it looks like the 110 is working better so I connect my step down plug and the world is I get back to my phone dilemma...I notice my 12 volt charger seems to have a bad wire...I get another cord, hook it up and damn if it doesn’t turn on...the weird thing is its showing 90 percent least it has come back to life...Awwww life is good again.....I speak to soon...Mother Nature has decided to to provide the Badlands a show.....a multi dimensional that includes..wind, fire(as in lighting) and rain...I will say it is the strongest wind I have experienced in the camper, gale force was quite a performance.....oh BTW, the electricity is now out....and lightening seems to be continuous.....its now 10 Pm....still some lightening and wind, but not as intense...I think I’ll call it a day...and I wish Mother Nature would do the same...Happy 


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