Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Badlands Day 2...and Wall Drug Store

My wake up view from camper Horst Kelly photographer
Left here at the crack of dawn...never could figure out where the crack of dawn was....I think it's about quarter mile from "Ground Truth"...haha

Anyway, I went on the loop road again...trying to catch the early morning light...from there I ventured intoWall SD...and yes I did go to to the famous "Wall Drug Store"...never did find the drug appears to be a city block in size...and more of a mall then a quaint was about 0900 and it was packed...I saw 3 tour buses in the parking lot, plus campers, cars the some of the Surgis Biker folks.....

Horst Kelly Photographer

From there I tried to find the old Missile off on I-90 exit 131 as I saw a sign about the silo hdqs...well it turns out this was the National Park Office that shows the movie and takes reservations for the guided can do the self guided tour by going back to Wall and taking exit 113...I'll try agin before I back to the campground about noon, fixed lunch and did some work around the camper....its HOT again.......

This afternoon I did absolutely nothing...but I think I did it extremely well...I rearranged some rid of a lot of duplicate brochures ....since I snacked on summer sausage most of the afternoon, I decided to have a Tomato sandwich for dinner..Jerry of Eggrolling Blog reintroduced me to that delicacy...also sliced(very thin) up a cucumber with some of my mothers German special dressing...then I was sitting outside to watch the sun set...a young couple from Chicago came by....we chatted and took photo’s...and each went our separate way wishing safe journey.....I think its time t call it a day....

With the very slow Wi-Fi I’m getting,  I can't seem to load any more photo's....Happy Trails Red Ryder...lets see how many know who he is.


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    1. You are the Man...or, you're just as old as me....Thanks for checking in...Hope all is going well with the newest and proudest Grandpa....Horst