Friday, August 3, 2012

Devils Tower...and Relaxing my Time Away

After Mother Nature settled down last night I slept like a new born Pup..Early morning .Dawn called this morning about 0430...decided to hitch  up old Mare ...all was completed at 0500..took a nice shower, made some strong coffee over an open pit fire...and sat back and watched as the sun rose over the just keeps getting better...
Devils Tower..Horst Kelly Photographer

The ride was a smooth 220 or so  on I-90 untl Sundance, then a 22 mile drive north to Devils to camp, unhitched and decided to ride up to the, there was a cast of thousands...oh well I hiked the perimeter around the base of the Mountain, with a thousand of my fellow hikers..took some pics...kinda got an idea when he best light was and came back to camp...Time for Dinner..decided to pan fry one of my Brook trouts...oil, butter and some squeezed lemon...add some grilled asparagus..with melted butter and garlic salt.....and of course a German "Dunkel Bier" how much better can this get....It started its now inside my Casita "cocoon"...calling it a day...until Tomorrow...lets see if I can download a couple photos...time for a JD and a little Eric Clapton unpluged....Horst.....Now I would be severally remiss if  didn't give credit to the "Stealth Navigator" I Bride...she has been super supportive in this venture and gives me "adult supervision", even though it my be from a distance....and so I want to
publicly thank  her.....for navigating me through this adventure/journey....Horst
Horst Kelly Photographer

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  1. Looking and sounding good! Really looking forward to when you reach Glacier.